How to look good in the morning

How to look good in the morning
Do not always own reflection in the mirror in the morning brings joy. Puffy face, bags under the eyes and aching back create the feeling that you plowed the shift at the plant, and not just got out of a cozy bed

Get enough sleep. The most useful time for sleep is from 23: 00 to 04: 00 hours. It is at this time that the cells are actively renewed. The modern rhythm of life dictates its conditions, and it's not always possible to go back to sleep on a schedule. Try to organize your sleeping place as correctly as possible, so that every minute of sleep brings benefits.

Sleep on your back and on a flat pillow. Too high a pillow can cause back pain, wake up tired and broken. Reflection in the mirror will not please you with a fresh face, if you slept all night on your stomach, hugging a pillow. Ventilate the room, stuffiness and stale air threaten insomnia. Use for air conditioning bed linen with a sea smell or the smell of lavender.

Wash your makeup. As much as you are not tired, before going to bed, be sure to look into the bathroom and take off your makeup. Remove the milk with mascara and eye shadow, then wash with foam or gel. Wipe face with lotion and apply night cream. These procedures will not take more than 15 minutes, and your skin will thank you. Ignoring the make-up remover, you risk seeing a panda bear in the mirror in the morning with black circles around your eyes.

Do night masks. It is at night that a period of active cell renewal occurs. Provided that you are sleeping at this time. At night, the cells divide into 8 times more actively than in the daytime. Therefore, night is the most favorable time for domestic procedures for the care of self. Many cosmetic brands have special night cream masks or serums that need to be applied to the face just before bedtime. You can pouhazhivat and the legs. Put on the feet nourishing cream, put on tight socks and go to bed. It's uncomfortable to do this in the daytime, but at night it's a nice thing.

If you still can not get enough sleep, and the face scares the next morning with puffiness – use ice cubes and thermal water. Freeze to wipe your face you can not only water, but broths of berries and herbs. Wipe your face with ice cubes in the morning, this will help remove swelling. Spray on the skin with thermal water from the atomizer, under the pressure of streams of water, swelling will be less and the complexion will be more fresh.

Do not overeat. A full stomach prevents sleep. Eat better no later than 3 hours before bedtime. Supper should consist mainly of protein, meat or fish. Carbohydrates provoke morning swelling. Do not drink a lot of liquids at night, especially alcohol, tea and coffee. Replace these drinks with ryazhenka, kefir or herbal decoctions based on mint, fennel and lemon balm.

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