How to look good in the morning, if you already 50

How to look good in the morning, if you already 50
In 50 years, a woman can look great, but only on the condition of careful care of oneself and good health. In order not to be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, regularly pay attention to the face and body, do not forget about diet and good sleep.

Health – a pledge of beauty

An adult woman who wants to look good should take care of herself. In order to look fresh in the morning, go to bed early. Sitting for midnight, you deprive the body of the necessary rest, the skin becomes dull, muscles lose tonus. Sleep in a cool, well-ventilated room. Refuse the habit of falling asleep on the face in the pillow, this provokes the formation of wrinkles on the face and neck. If you are prone to swelling, buy a higher pillow and try to sleep on your back.

Do not drink a lot of liquid before going to bed. Her excess provokes swelling, her face looks heavy and tired. Give up food that causes stagnation of fluid in the body: salted fish, smoked foods, sweets. Be careful with the fruits – they are better to eat in the morning, and not at night. Very harmful and alcohol, it not only causes swelling, but also contributes to the appearance of bursting capillaries.

Observe the daily routine. Later, awakening is as harmful to appearance as a night vigil in front of the TV. Sleep 7-8 hours – this is quite enough to restore beauty.

Small cosmetic tricks

To make your face look fresh, buy a quality night cream with a lifting effect. It not only nourishes the face, but also compacts the skin, making it more elastic. Well-functioning and night peeling means, effectively renewing the skin and removing dead cells. In the morning the face will be gentle, pink, rested.

Be sure to cleanse your face before going to bed. Soap or detergent gel is not enough. First, melt cosmetics with soft milk, lotion or hydrophilic oil, and then carefully wipe the makeup with a moist cotton swab or cosmetic napkin. After that, wash with a gentle foam or mousse, and in the end wipe the skin with tonic or mineral water. This multi-stage cleaning will completely remove makeup, dust and excess sebum without irritating or traumatizing the face.

Choose high-quality cosmetics with hypoallergenic formulas. Carefully read the list of ingredients. Creams and lotions containing silicones, parabens and mineral oils can cause irritation or provoke clogging of the pores. If your skin is prone to swelling, give up heavy oil creams, as well as funds with high levels of vitamin C. Light water-based gels enriched with a cellular complex or plant peptides will suit you.

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