How to look good in 50 years

How to look good in 50 years
Appearance is important to women at any age. In both your personal life and business relationships, attractiveness gives you a sense of confidence and harmony, without which it is very difficult to live in the modern world. But when you are approaching the age of fifty, appearance requires more and more careful attention. In the care of themselves at this age is extremely important factor of regularity. If you apply the cream – then every day, if you do yoga – then every morning. Caring for the body, you make an investment in your future great mood.

The skin is like silk, the cheeks are like snow

What happens to the skin at this age? First, it becomes dry, more subtle. Muscles weaken and the skin hangs, the oxygen circulation inside the skin decreases.

Do not get involved in masks and serums, you should consult before using them with a cosmetologist. But choosing a cream, remember that its composition should include vitamins A, B and C.

At this age, you should not "save on the face." It is necessary to switch to higher-quality anti-aging cosmetics with a tightening and rejuvenating effect. However, do not forget about folk remedies, visit a cosmetologist on a regular basis and, if necessary, resort to salon methods of rejuvenation.

"He's kicking like a bird"

Facial and body care is not limited to the use of cosmetics. It is very important what and how you eat. Take as a rule to give time to the preparation of calcium-rich and phosphorus-rich foods containing a minimum amount of fat. Some of them are worth removing from the diet. For example, exotic species of palm and coconut oils are harmful at the age of 50 years. They are often used by bakery producers.

The diet should be significantly reduced. There is a rule that a woman after 50-ti should eat a third less than her previous diet.

Also add to the menu dishes from legumes, sour-milk products, citrus. Drink at least a glass of freshly squeezed juice a day, or at least drink packaged juices, but without preservatives.

At any time of the year, at least 15-20 minutes are spent on the street. Breathing fresh air is just as important as doing physical exercises: the skin and tissues are filled with oxygen, your body is breathing.

If you are a smoker with experience, after 50-ti it is desirable to quit. Smoking, like sunbathing, increases skin aging and speeds up this process in half.

In a healthy body healthy mind

Very important after 50 years of physical activity. Activity may not be as high as, let's say, 15 years ago, but classes should be regular and lengthy: minimum 30 minutes.

Pilates and yoga are the best friends of people of age, they help not only to improve the overall physical condition, but also strengthen the spirit, clearing the consciousness of unnecessary debris.

Try meditative practices, not superfluous will be the Eastern or any other ancient philosophy or teaching. Being engaged in the soul is as important as the body, because every cell of your body depends on your thoughts. And if you find harmony, you will give a new impetus to your body to health and development.

Try not to quarrel with relatives, treat more tolerant of their shortcomings, show understanding and participation. Nature organized everything wisely, often at this age there are grandchildren, which is extremely important for people for 50. When there is someone to take care of, the sense of self-importance for close and dear people increases, you feel yourself necessary, not superfluous, but on the contrary!

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