How to look better in a photo

How to look better in a photo
Many people love be photographed, but the result is often not the one they are counting on. We have to do a lot of takes before we get a more or less normal photo. This happens for several reasons – due to the inability to choose a beautiful posture, inappropriate foreshortening, improperly selected clothes, insincere emotions on the face and unsuccessful makeup.

Pick up clothes that will emphasize all your strengths and hide faults. Do not rely solely on your own taste. Choose several suits and show them to friends and relatives. They will tell you what is more. Do not wear black, purple (this will add to you a few years), beige (the outfit just merges with the body) and green (it can give the skin an unhealthy appearance); try to avoid variants with a large pattern.

When creating makeup, focus on the eyes. Paint them a little brighter than you do in life. After all, at photo makeup будет выглядеть немного слабее. Не красьте нижние ресницы, это может создать эффект кругов под глазами. Используйте персиковые румяна, это придаст вам свежести.
Paint your eyes brightly

Be sure to use a foundation and / or powder to hide the unevenness of the skin and remove the greasy sheen. On the lips apply a matte light lipstick, and in their center – shine, which will add volume.
Используйте помаду светлого цвета

Be photographed by turning to the camera for ?. So you will look slimmer and fit. Put one foot forward slightly, and keep your hands slightly apart from the body. A little stretch your head to avoid even a hint of a second chin. Look just above the camera lens to make the photo more natural. Use one trick, which is used by many models. Turn away from the camera, and on the photographer's sign turn sharply. Such a photo will turn out to be natural and natural.

Чтобы выглядеть стройнее, чем вы есть, чуть округлите спину и втяните живот. Плечи нужно опустить вниз и немного подать их вперед. К таким хитростям прибегают многие фотографы, чтобы сделать моделей идеальными.

Sit on a chair, put one foot on the other and cross them at the ankles. Turn the case slightly to the side and forward. Such a picture is better done to the waist, so that the hips are not visible.

During the filming, remember something pleasant, so that the emotions are sincere and natural. Any photo can be spoiled if you are not in the mood. Relax so that there are no facial wrinkles on the face.

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