How to look beautiful when you're sick

How to look beautiful when you're sick
Spring is a difficult period for the female body. Long winter spent strength and immunity, lack of vitamins and sunny weather. We'll think about how to remain beautiful, no matter what.

Разнообразные капли в нос интенсивно обезвоживают кожу. Не привлекательно выглядит краснота на крыльях и под носом. Справиться с проблемой поможет любая интенсивно увлажняющая маска или охлаждающий гель. Это не только поможет насытить кожу, но и спасет от головной боли.

The area around the nose is constantly rubbed with a handkerchief, so do not forget to systematically moisturize it, apply a fat cream every two hours. Remember the lips, during the period of illness they dry and crack. Before going to bed, apply a nutritious balm with natural oils to the problem areas of the face.

Use beauty products for aromatherapy. For example, mint helps with nasal congestion. In addition, a fresh fragrance will give your skin a boost of vivacity. Take a bath with foam containing peppermint and curled mint leaves.

Remember that a beautiful blush is a sign of health. Instead of a pink shade of blush, use coral. The thing is that the orange pigment visually tightens. Also use a little bronzer, because this will accentuate the line of cheekbones and give a soft warm glow.

Smile yourself and people, because a positive attitude improves immunity. Get some sleep, the body will thank you. Do not sit at home, but rather walk.

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