How to look beautiful in the morning

How to look beautiful in the morning

С am reflection in the mirror is not always happy even for young and beautiful girls. Well, if you live alone, you can safely "pokold" over your face and in an hour the appearance will be quite decent. But when you wake up in an embrace with your loved one, I want him to see you in the best possible way.

Always, under any circumstances, take off the evening make-up. Never go to bed painted. Rinse cosmetics with lotion, foam or milk. If there is no special tool at hand, wash with plain water with shower gel or with mild soap.

Заранее позаботьтесь о собственном сне, чтобы проснуться с ощущением легкости во всем теле. Не наедайтесь на ночь и не пейте много жидкости. Это может привести к отекам на лице и кругам под глазами. А слишком поздний ужин будет всю ночь перевариваться в желудке и не даст вам нормально выспаться. Вечером ограничьтесь фруктами или легким овощным салатом и выпейте зеленый чай или стакан негазированной воды.

To quickly and easily wake up and at the same time immediately bring your face in order, in the morning, wash with ice infusion of herbs. Prepare the herbal broth and freeze it in the form of cubes. To do this, take the mineral water without gas and mix it with the broth of chamomile. This is a recipe for problem skin. For a fatty type, the bark of oak will suit, for dry – the petals of roses.

Если у вас нет под рукой таких трав, заморозьте свежезаваренный зеленый чай. Он обогащен антиоксидантами, а они хорошо действуют на кожу лица. Используйте эти кубики для ежедневных умываний. Выполняйте ими легкие массажные движения. Кожа сразу же станет эластичной и свежей. После окончания процедуры нанесите на лицо дневной крем.

Взбодритесь с am by charging. Immediately after awakening, give exercises 10-20 minutes. You can not even get out of bed and perform simple movements in the prone position: twist your feet with the "pedal of a bicycle", swing the press. You can repeat the exercises, which in the morning show on most channels. If you do not have enough time for charging, on the way to the bathroom, actively move your legs and hands, turn your head. The general tone of the body will favorably affect your health and appearance.

Before going to bed, always ventilate the room in which your bed is located. Sleep at least 8 hours. For breakfast, eat muesli, nuts, vegetables and fruits, as well as freshly squeezed juices: apple and carrot.

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