How to look after yourself in winter

How to look after yourself in winter
Our body requires constant care. In the winter it becomes especially noticeable, because it is exposed to the aggressive effects of cold. Therefore at this time of year it is necessary to change the habitual rules of care of self

For healthy skin

It should remove all cosmetics with flavors, as it can cause irritation. Replace the usual soap with a moisturizer or gel, because of normal soap, the skin may crack and peel off. To moisturize the skin in winter, you should use moisturizers on an oily basis, but no later than 30 min before going out, otherwise you risk getting frostbite.

For beautiful and strong hair

Старайтесь мыть голову реже, так как защитный барьер итак слишком ослаблен зимой. Замените шампуни с сульфатами, делающие кожу головы более сухой, на шампуни с натуральными органическими компонентами. Для предотвращения перхоти и зуда используйте маски для волос два раза в неделю.

For good health

Увлажнение требуется как снаружи, так и внутри организма. Пейте больше воды. Учтите, что кофеиновые и алкогольные напитки выводят влагу из организма и приводят к сухости кожи. Увлажняйте воздух в своем доме.

In addition to vegetables and fruits as a source of vitamins, eat fish, walnuts, greens, eggs, cabbage, seafood, red meat. These foods are rich in ingredients that have a good effect on the skin condition.

Take a warm, not hot shower, as too hot water drains the skin. Also, do not take a bath in winter longer than 10 min, because longer procedures will make your skin more sensitive. Add milk to the filled bath and the skin will cease to peel.

For strong nails

Use hand creams with active substances that strengthen the nail plate. To prevent brittleness and dryness of nails should be abandoned as much as possible from polishing and coating them with varnish. This is due to the fact that such procedures thinner your nail plate, as well as poorly pass to it vitamins from hand creams. To strengthen the nails, smear them with lemon.

For soft feet

Apply a thick layer of nourishing cream overnight, and wear socks made of natural materials from above. This will significantly soften the skin of the legs and prevent irritation.

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