How to look after your feet in summer

How to look after your feet in summer
Summer – the time of open sandals, elegant sandals with high heels and fashionable ballet with open socks. That all this footwear effectively looked, legs or foots should be well-groomed. In addition, constant attention to the feet will save you from cracks, burrs and other troubles.

Главное летнее правило – безупречная чистота. Мытье ног можно совместить с уходом. Например, в воду для вечерней ванны стоит добавить эфирные масла мяты, лаванды или лимона. Они охладят и тонизируют уставшую кожу, снимут усталость, уберут чувство тяжести и жжения в legs. Кроме масел в воду можно добавить немного мягкого геля для душа – он поможет отмыть загрязнения, не высушивая кожу.

After the bath, apply a moisturizing or nutritious cream to the feet. The choice of this or that option depends on the condition of your feet. From the coarse skin and natoptysha cream with urea will help, the overdried skin will quickly restore the product with natural oils and glycerin. If your heels cracked, use an active regenerating cream – for a couple of days he will put in order even very neglected legs.

Are you bothered by calluses? Before going to bed, do drying soap and soda bath. Spread a tablespoon of soap flakes and two teaspoons of baking soda with warm water and place the feet on the bath for 5-7 minutes. After the procedure, you can treat coarsened places with a scrub based on apricot kernels. The area of ??calluses is treated with disinfecting drying cream, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Чтобы не натирать ноги обувью, перед выходом из дома смазывайте ступни специальным кремом, предотвращающим мозоли и натоптыши. Он быстро впитывается и уменьшает трение ступни об обувь. В течение дня вам пригодятся охлаждающие спреи и гели. Они моментально освежат кожу, уберут неприятный запах и вернут ощущение легкости.

Do not forget about the pedicure. Apply a protective coating on the nails – it will protect you from the fungus and strengthen the plates. On top, you can put a layer of colored varnish, giving the legs a neat and well-groomed appearance.

If you are unable to cope with stop problems yourself, contact a professional pod. You will be given a medical pedicure, remove calluses and coarsened skin, and help solve problems with excessive sweating or ingrown nails. After a visit to the salon you can easily maintain the beauty of the feet of the house.

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