How to look after the summer for long hair

How to look after the summer for long hair
Long hair is the beauty and pride of their owner, but they need special care. Each season conceals its dangers for curls, that's why the means need different. Summer prepared for the hair heat, scorching sun rays, dust and wind. Contrast them with careful care and special protective equipment.

You will need
  • – a line of anti-sun agents for long hair;
  • – Hats;
  • – a lemon;
  • – broths of medicinal herbs;
  • – home masks.
If you are on vacation by the sea, do not forget to wear a hat, since you spend much more time outdoors than in the city. Sea water corrodes the structure of the hair, draws from it the life-giving moisture. Long hair in this case suffer particularly badly, their tips are quickly destroyed.

The main enemies of long curls are sunbeams and dry air. Ultraviolet is harmful for the hair, it destroys lipids and proteins. You need to buy special (better professional) funds from the anti-sun series. Be sure to consult with the seller-consultant to pick up what your hair needs. Acquire the entire line of products: shampoo, masks, balm, conditioner, fluid for tips and a moisturizing spray.

Visit once a week a beauty salon to make curative hair care procedures. The hairdresser will braid you with a fashionable braid, which can last 2-3 days. Before going outside, sprinkle your hair with a sunscreen spray. Hair in the spit is less prone to harmful exposure to sunlight.

A dense hairstyle made from long hair is good for everyday work. But on vacation, at sea or in the country, you need to wash your head every day. Do not forget about the always useful massage, it can be done with the help of special equipment or a soft brush for combing.

Reduce the amount of hair styling to a minimum. If possible, give up perm, hair and nippers and use forceps. Rinse the head with lemon water, it causes the scales of the hair to adhere tightly to each other, and this, in turn, prevents moisture loss.

Prepare herbal decoctions, which can be used after washing ringlets. For example, a lime infusion can be made by filling 100 g of flowers with two glasses of water. Bring the liquid to a boil and allow to cool. Strain the remedy and rinse it with hair, without flushing with water. You can similarly use chamomile, nettle, string and lemon balm.

Хорошо питают летом длинные волосы домашние маски. Приготовьте смесь оливкового масла с соком лимона и яичным желтком. Полученную маску нанесите на всю длину волос и держите тридцать минут, смойте теплой проточной водой и наслаждайтесь результатом.

In summer, do not dry the hair with a hairdryer, just comb it and allow it to dry naturally. So you keep the structure of the hair and, accordingly, the moisture inside it.

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