How to look after a person in the summer of 2018

How to look after a person in the summer of 2018
In the summer, the face requires careful and careful care. The skin needs to be protected from the sun, thoroughly moistened and cleansed. Revise the cosmetic bag, leaving only the means suitable for summer make-up, and to industrial creams and tonics add proven home remedies.

Choose means for skin cleansing. In summer it is better to use non-fat formulas – for example, light milk and a refreshing foam with plant extracts. Remove makeup can and special napkins, soaked lotion. This option is especially convenient on the road. Wash your face in the morning and evening, and after rubbing the skin with a refreshing tonic or infusion of herbs – chamomile, sage or mint.

Moisten the skin in the morning and evening. Instead of heavy nutritious creams, use quickly absorbed emulsions, gels or serums. Low-fat products do not create a film on the face, allowing the skin to breathe freely. To the face does not swell, apply moisturizers for half an hour before bedtime. For eyelids choose means with the effect of lifting.

Protect your face from the sun. Choose creams with a high index of protection against ultraviolet rays. Ideally, a day cream, foundation and powder should have sunscreen filters. Going to the beach, put on your face and neck stronger means with an index of at least 30 SPF. Renew the cream or gel every few hours.

Выберите качественную декоративную косметику. Для лета нужны мультифункциональные средства – они помогут избежать эффекта многослойного пирога на лице. Тонирующая эмульсия с солнцезащитным фильтром придаст коже красивый оттенок, защитит ее от солнца, увлажнит и скроет мелкие недостатки. Пудра цвета загара поможет матировать кожу, заменит бронзер и румяна и даже слегка скульптурирует лицо. Откажитесь от плотных помад и блесток и темных подводок, отдав предпочтение фруктовым бальзамам для губ, цветной туши и теням на водной основе.

Make up and care products in the refrigerator. They will not spoil from heat and sun, and apply cold creams, gels and lipsticks will be much nicer. In the stores you can find special sticks that cool and refresh the skin. Choose a means with a pleasant smell, made on the basis of natural ingredients – mint, ginger, bamboo extract.

Do not abuse makeup. Apply a thin layer of makeup and always remove it before going to bed. However, excessive cleansing can damage the skin. Refuse acid peels, steam baths and other aggressive procedures. Remove dead cells and refresh your face with simple domestic means – for example, washing with oat flakes or fruit masks.

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