How to lighten your hair with cinnamon

How to lighten your hair with cinnamon
Any bleaching agents to some extent harm the hair. A safe alternative to products that make the hair whiter lighter is a fragrant spice – cinnamon. With its help you can achieve a change in hair color by two tones and more at home.

You will need
  • – cinnamon;
  • – honey;
  • – hair conditioner;
  • – wooden comb;
  • – container for stirring paint;
  • – a tablespoon;
  • – cap for hair;
  • – Towel.
Aromatic cinnamon is an affordable and natural remedy for lightening curls. This spice not only does not destroy the structure of the hair, but also strengthens the hair. However, when lightening cinnamon hair, one must remember that this remedy can not act immediately. Consider also the original color of your hair, the darker it is, the more procedures you will need.

Hair-safe cinnamon acts on the pigment more slowly than chemical substances. The maximum result for the clarification procedure is two tones. Therefore, to achieve a better effect, you need to repeat cinnamon lightening. Fortunately, the spice has a beneficial effect on the hair roots, generally improving their condition.

To lighten the hair of cinnamon women started back in ancient times. As a rule, honey is used in all clarifying recipes with spicy spices. It strengthens the action of cinnamon. Before you start painting, choose a container of glass, plastic or wood, porcelain. The mixture should not be mixed in a metal container – this material causes oxidation. Hair can acquire a greenish tinge.

The most popular prescription for lightening hair with cinnamon involves the use of a hair conditioner. Mix about 200 ml of the remedy with 70 ml honey. The product must be sufficiently liquid. Cinnamon should be added to the mixture in an amount of 3 st. l. This is the optimal dose of spices for short hair, for longer volume needs to be increased. Stir the paint thoroughly until smooth.

Before lightening cinnamon, wash your head with a usual shampoo and comb the dried up strands with a wooden comb. Do not completely dry your hair. Then apply a cinnamon blend on the strands along the entire length, trying as much as possible to stain the roots. It is important that the cinnamon-honey color does not get on the face skin – it can cause irritation.

Do not rub the clarifying mixture into the hair or scalp. Leave it for about half an hour, after putting on a cellophane cap and wrapping your head with a towel. After 30 minutes, the towel needs to be removed – it is no longer necessary to warm the head. Next, stand the paint for 3-4 hours. The longer the exposure time, the more intensive the clarification will be.

After standing cinnamon, wash it off with warm water. It is advisable to rinse the hair with infusion of chamomile. The remaining grains of cinnamon in strands need to be combed out with a comb. After the dyeing procedure, the hair will become not only lighter, but also more silky, sturdy. Carry out clarification with cinnamon once a week until the desired shade of hair is achieved. This paint will not destroy the hair, but will provide them with nutrients, will give a pleasant aroma.

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