How to lighten your hair to white

How to lighten your hair to white
Many women are repainted in blondes, believing that this hair color is more attractive. Perhaps they are right. Add a white hue to the hair, not only in specialized salons, but also at home.

You will need
  • – hydrogen peroxide;
  • – Ammonium alcohol;
  • – gloves;
  • – Shampoo or liquid soap;
  • – Greasy cream;
  • – Synthetic brush for dyeing hair.
If you decide to lighten the hair yourself, buy at the pharmacy hydrogen peroxide and make it water solution, the concentration of which depends on the structure and color of natural hair. For thin light brown hair 4% -8% solution is suitable, for darker ones – 6% -12% solution, and for thick и очень темных – 10%-12%. Если волосы не длинные, 50-60 г препарата будет достаточно. В раствор перекиси добавьте около 5 г нашатырного спирта и немного нейтрального жидкого мыла или шампуня. Для разведения перекиси используйте только стеклянную посуду и не забудьте надеть перчатки.

Sit in front of the mirror. On your shoulders, put on an old towel, which is not a pity. Forehead and skin on temples lubricate with any cream or nourishing oil. Before applying peroxide wash hair do not. The solution is applied, starting from the vertex and retreating from the roots at approximately 2 cm, using a synthetic brush. After applying all the strands of the remaining solution, cover the roots.

For exposure, leave the drug for 20-40 minutes. The aging time depends on the color of the hair and its structure. Wash off all with warm water, rub a clean nourishing balm into clean hair and rinse everything again. Rinse after the procedure of discoloration of the hair with water, adding a little vinegar or lemon juice.

If after the action of peroxide hair has acquired a yellowish tinge, use a shade of shampoo to remove the yellowing and giving the hair a cool tone.

Женщинам с темными thick hair It should be remembered that in one procedure to achieve complete discoloration will not succeed. The final result will be achieved only after several repetitions. With each procedure, the hair will become lighter and lighter. In the intervals between staining sessions, carefully care for the hair, remember that hydrogen peroxide destroys the structure of the hair, they become dry and brittle.

Many times dyed hair, especially with the use of henna and other red pigments, should not be discolored on its own. Refer to the master, tk. paint should be neutralize, and this procedure can be done only in the cabin.

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