How to lighten hair without damaging it

How to lighten hair without damaging it
Every woman knows what to paint hair in a fiery-red, copper, chestnut or black color is not at all difficult. But lightening strands without damaging them is not an easy task. Since ancient times, clarification has given the beauties a lot of trouble and trouble, under the influence of the paint, the hair became stiff, dry and brittle. Lighten, without damaging them, can only be done with harmless natural compounds.

You can give your hair a beautiful light shade with the help of a daily chamomile rinse or clarifier based on this plant. Prepare a clarifier is not difficult. Pour 200 g of chamomile raw with two glasses of vodka. Insist the remedy within a week. Then add the cooled brewed henna to it. Insist the mixture for another two weeks. Then strain the tincture and grease her hair every day.

Если вы хотите осветлить волосы, не повредив их, можете воспользоваться самодельной медовой маской. Для смягчения волос вымойте их смесью из обычного шампуня, щепотки соли и соды. Слегка подсушите и нанесите по всей их длине мед. Голову покройте платком на всю ночь, а утром тщательно смойте медовую маску теплой водой. Такое средство отлично осветляет волосы.

Many people know that a lemon is a natural skin clarifier, but very few people know that in the same way it acts on the hair. Lubricate them with freshly squeezed lemon juice and go to sunbathe. The interaction of sunlight and lemon juice gives an excellent effect of natural clarification. Remember and that multiple application this method can adversely affect the structure of the hair.

For the preparation of the next hair bleach you will need 20 grams of chamomile, 20 g of calendula, 4 lemon, 30 g roots of jealousy, 50 g honey, 50 g alcohol and half a liter of vinegar. Mix all these ingredients and cook a clarifier from them. The resulting composition gives an amazing effect of lightening the hair.

Осветлить волосы, не повредив их, можно с помощью осветлителя на основе качественного коньяка. Две столовые ложки этого горячительного напитка смешайте с сырым яйцом, 50 г кефира, соком половинки лимона и одной чайной ложкой обычного шампуня. Нанесите полученное средство на волосы и смойте его только через 8-10 часов. Ваши пряди приобретут красивый светлый оттенок.

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