How to lighten hair with natural remedies

How to lighten hair with natural remedies
The light color of the hair does not go out of fashion, and to the blondes the male heart always rushes. Yes, and the girls own golden-haired image seems more light and touching.

Along with this, many girls have long been tormented by the question – how to lighten hair natural means?

Clarifying hair with chemicals is harmful. And especially it is noticeable on thin hair, which is generally countered by chemical effects. It is known that with the help of vegetable paints henna and basma, as well as decoction of onion husks, rhubarb and oak bark, you can dye your hair in red and dark tones of varying intensity. But what can nature offer us to make hair lighter?

Такие средства есть, пусть их не так много. Конечно, стать блондинкой из брюнетки с их помощью будет невозможно, но вот осветлить свои локоны на два-три тона вполне реально. При этом совершенно не пострадает структура волос, более того, такие процедуры сыграют роль маски и смогут даже укрепить волосы, придать блеск и улучшить внешний вид. Осветление волос натуральными средствами можно делать довольно часто, не опасаясь их повредить. Раз от раза будет происходить и некоторый накопительный эффект, то есть локоны постепенно будут становиться еще немного светлее.

The most well-known method of natural hair clarification is the use of lemon juice. Squeeze a few lemons and apply evenly to the hair. The longer it turns out not to wash off the juice, the brighter the hair will be. To enhance the effect, it is good to conduct such a procedure on a sunny day in order to be able to substitute the head for the sun. You can combine two things – lightening of hair and going to the beach, just spraying hair from the spray with lemon juice and then going to sunbathe. After 3-4 hours it is advisable to thoroughly wash your head, otherwise it can begin to pinch the scalp and dry your hair.

Well brightens cinnamon curls in a mixture with honey. For the clarifying mixture, you need four spoons of cinnamon powder, two tablespoons of olive oil, half a glass of honey and warm water for dilution. All this mass will have to be smeared on damp hair, warmed and walked about four hours. You can make such a mask even for the night: the curls will acquire an unusual softness and silkiness at the same time with lightening for a couple of tones.

Also, many people know the clarifying properties of chamomile. You can use it often, but you only need to keep it for half an hour. 100 grams of dried flowers should be poured with two glasses of water, boil for five minutes, drain. Add to the decoction of 30 g of glycerin. If you do not use the whole mixture – you can put the leftovers in the refrigerator for later use

Even more effective is the recipe for rhubarb with vinegar. Rhubarb can be bought in the market or in a supermarket. Vinegar is needed only natural, grape or apple. They need to fill the rhubarb to cover the top and boil 15 min. The resulting strained composition can also be kept in the refrigerator, slightly preheating before use. Before every washing of the head, you should apply it on your head and keep from half an hour to two hours. For the cumulative effect in the first two weeks, it will have to be done constantly, and then only as necessary, only to the roots.

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