How to lighten darkly colored hair

How to lighten darkly colored hair
If you dye your hair, you know that with this procedure it is not always possible to achieve the desired shade. For example, the hair is darker or rustier. Can I fix the error? Dark-colored hair brighten It's harder than light, but if you do not want to wait for new ones to grow, you can try to discolor in the cabin or at home.

You will need
  • – lemon acid;
  • – блондирующая смывка;
  • – lemon juice;
  • – kefir;
  • – an egg;
  • – vodka;
  • – chemist's chamomile;
  • – hydrogen peroxide;
  • – Burr oil.
If the resulting shade of hair does not quite suit you, but it's only slightly darker than your desired, it may make sense to wait a couple of weeks or two and wash your hair more often. Unstable paint and itself can slowly disappear, and you do not have to expose the hair to additional chemical procedures. You can also add a little citric acid (or lemon oil) to the shampoo or hair balm, this will enhance the color washout.

Любая окраска и смывка наносит вред волосам, поэтому постарайтесь этот вред минимизировать. Попробуйте обратиться к профессионалам. Хороший мастер знает о волосах, красках и их воздействии гораздо больше вас и сможет произвести осветление щадящим способом.

To cause less damage to the hair, you can try to lighten only part of them with the help of melioration. Your hair will look lighter, and the resulting color game you might like. After a while lighten some more hair and gradually get the shade you need.

To partially wash out the paint and lighten the light, hairdressers use "blonding wash", which contains blondoran, water, oxidizer and shampoo. This mixture is applied to dry hair and it is necessary to control the clarification process so as not to damage the hair. After the procedure they are washed with water, washed with shampoo and treated with neutralizing agents. A wash can be bought at a cosmetic store. Try to follow the instructions strictly. If you bleach the hair in several steps, then after each step, wash and dry your head.

Clarification can be done and folk remedies. Of course, they will not give such a quick effect as professional, but they will not cause you and your hair any harm. One of the most common folk remedies is lemon juice. Squeeze a couple of lemons, dilute this juice with water and after washing rinse your hair. Just do not forget that too much lemon juice can not be used, because he dries his hair.

Another popular remedy is kefir. His property of lightening colored hair was noticed by chance, because in general, kefir is used to apply masks, which allow to accelerate hair growth and improve their structure, to remove excessive fat content. The easiest way is to apply kefir on hair and wrap it with polyethylene and a towel. But you can use a more complex recipe. Take about 50 g of kefir (you can sour milk or sour milk), one egg, a couple of tablespoons of vodka or cognac, a teaspoon of shampoo and juice of half a lemon. Whisk all these ingredients and apply mass to dry clean hair. Cover your head with polythene and a towel. These masks should be kept on the hair for about eight hours.

Try also to lighten the darkly colored hair with infusion of chemist's chamomile. For half a liter of vodka, take 150 grams of chamomile and insist for two weeks. Then the infusion is filtered and add to it 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide (3%). After lightening, wash your hair with shampoo.

As a clarifier for colored hair, burdock oil is also used. Keep it on your head should be as long as possible, up to 8 hours. In addition to clarification, you will notice that your hair will become stronger and thicker. If you have fatty hair, you can add lemon juice to the oil.

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