How to lift the buttocks

How to lift the buttocks
Rounded raised buttocks – this piquant part of the female body makes the men turn their necks, and the rivals envy sigh. And if there is nothing to be proud of? Can I improve the shape of the buttocks? A healthy and active lifestyle combined with a set of correctly selected exercises will help raise buttocks, to give them a beautiful outline.

Move as much as possible. Walk on foot, quickly and vigorously, straining your muscles buttocks. Ignore the elevator, walking on the stairs will strengthen and lift your buttocks. To strengthen the gluteal muscles are very useful dances (especially, Latin American), skiing, roller skates and skates, jumping rope. Active lifestyle positively affects health, mood and appearance, including the shape of the buttocks.

Perform simple exercises that make the gluteus muscles work. Do three approaches eight times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions to twenty. Stand straight with extended forward hands, shoulders should be pulled back, feet shoulder-width apart. Very slowly bend your legs, as if you are going to sit on a chair. Do not omit buttocks below the knees. на животе, put your hands under your chin, and your left leg away. Slowly and with a strain, raise and lower your left leg. Repeat the same with the right foot. back, bend the legs in the knees, the heels and rest on the floor, hands keep stretched along the body. Raising the pelvis, straighten the legs alternately. Lying on your back, press your hands to hips. Bend your knees, without lifting the feet from the floor, leaning on the head and feet, lift the hips. Hold in this position for a few seconds, then lower hips and выпрямите ноги.Встаньте на четвереньки, упираясь на предплечья и колени. Делайте махи назад согнутыми в коленях ногами.
Выполняйте махи ногами в положении стоя – как назад, так и в стороны. Для удобства, придерживайтесь за спинку стула. Это несложное упражнение приподнимает buttocks, makes them fit and elastic. Standing, feet together, keep your hands on your waist. Perform forward attacks alternately with each leg. Begin with five repetitions, gradually bring up to ten. Sitting on the floor, bring your feet together, keep your hands in front breastfeeding. Переступайте buttocks, as if you were walking. Do not less than a hundred such "steps", go forward and backward.

Do "invisible" gymnastics for the buttocks. Any free minute strain and relax the muscles, делать it is possible wherever and whenever. At home, at work, even in public transport – this peculiar gymnastics helps to strengthen the gluteal muscles.

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