How to lengthen eyelashes

How to lengthen eyelashes
If nature has not endowed a woman with long and fluffy eyelashes, one can always make a more expressive look at home or in a beauty salon. At home, lengthen the eyelashes is possible if you follow certain rules. First, you need to provide natural care. You have to work hard to achieve the desired result.

Self-care should start with simple rules:

  1. Each time, remove the mascara before going to bed.
  2. Use only high-quality cosmetics.
  3. Makeup for the eyelashes should be started only with full confidence in the health of the eyes.

Ускорение роста ресниц народными средствами

To feed bulbs and stimulate the growth of eyelashes cause Burr oilfor 20 minutes, and before bedtime gently remove the gauze napkin. Also used for the nutrition of eyelashes are olive oil, sea-buckthorn, castor and others.

Also practicedapplication of compresses. A decoction for a compress can be made from chamomile, green tea, cornflower flowers or young birch leaves. Keep the compress up to 30 minutes. The remaining decoction for the compress can be frozen and used in the mornings for rubbing the eyelids and face, which will give a fresh look and remove puffiness.

Accelerating the growth of eyelashes "pharmacy" means

In pharmacies and specialized stores are sold funds in the form of gels for eyelash growth. They also contain useful micronutrients and vitamins, so gels help to restore fragile eyelashes and improve their growth.

Cosmetic Tricks

Визажисты советуют немного припудривать реснички перед нанесением туши, что также визуально сделает ресницы длиннее и пышнее.

Для каждого вида ресниц нужно применять специальную тушь. Например: для тонких и ломких ресниц лучше использовать тушь с комплексом витаминов.

Most often, the most straightforward method of lengthening the eyelashes is using a special extension mascara. Also, the use of tweezers for curling eyelashes. With their help, the cilia rise and twist.

There is, of course, a very simple way to lengthen eyelashes – this is to use false eyelashes. They attach to the upper eyelid and do not harm the natural growth of the eyelashes. But this method differs its painstakingness. For gluing false eyelashes, you need to use special glue. You can buy it only in specialized cosmetic shops.

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