How to learn to make eye makeup

How to learn to make eye makeup
The first thing that they pay attention to when meeting – of course, eyes. To emphasize their beauty, make them seem more expressive and more than they really are, get acquainted with small tricks make-up for eyes.

You will need
  • – a camouflage pencil;
  • – eyeshadow;
  • – mascara;
  • – a set of brushes for make-up;
  • – white eyeliner.
First of all, hide the dark circles under eyesusing a masking pencil. Apply them a few tocek and gently shake them with your finger.

Emphasize the shape of your eyes. Forget about black and fatty lines. Take on the tip of the brush a little bit of mascara and lightly shade it under the lower eyelashes.

It is not necessary to artistically combine the shadows of the three tones. To eyes look beautiful, stick to the classic brown or ashen-Several colors. Shade in the direction from the inner corner eyes к внешнему и просто слегка разотрите их подушечкой пальца.

Know that your eyelashes are the magic natural frame of your eyes. Having made them with the help of make-up thicker and longer, you will achieve that your eyes будут казаться намного больше и выразительнее, чем обычно. Даже тогда, когда вы ограничены во времени, выберите минуту и уделите внимание вашим ресницам.

Thin lashes first cover with a layer of powder, and only then begin to impose mascara. Make sure that there are no stuck hairs or lumps of mascara on the brush that can lead to dirty divorces.

Ink, apply slowly, carefully, do not drive the brush from side to side. Start with the lower lashes. Holding the brush vertically (while avoiding getting into the eye), lightly move it across the eyelashes. Wait a few seconds until the ink dries, then go to the upper eyelashes.

Gently put a new portion of mascara on the brush. Lower eyes вниз и покрасьте щеточкой ресницы снизу. Несколько секунд подождите, пока первый слой туши высохнет, затем, если хотите, чтобы они казались гуще, наложите второй слой.

Going to a party, use the old stunt of Hollywood divas, which never fails. Draw with a white pencil for make-up линию вдоль края нижнего века – белки ваших глаз будут казаться яркими и сверкающими.

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