How to learn to grow nails

How to learn to grow nails
Long and beautiful nails are a dream for many women. But not every one of them can grow his own nails of the length that is needed. Fortunately, modern technology gives women the opportunity to have beautiful and long nails. This is achieved by building nails, which is usually done with acrylic or gel.

You will need
  • – несколько пилок разной фракции;
  • – Tips and glue for them;
  • – Ultraviolet lamp;
  • – antiseptic;
  • – guillotine (for trimming tipsy);
  • – degreaser;
  • – a large brush for removing nail dust;
  • – gel for nail extensions;
  • – primer for the gel;
  • – a special brush for nail extensions with gel;
  • – liquid for removing the sticky layer;
  • – wadded disks or napkins;
  • – финиш-гель;
  • – gloss.
Способов наращивания nails there are several. Depending on the material used, nails increasing акрилом и гелем. Кроме того, есть вариант наращивания ногтей on tipsy and on forms. Tipsy – usually made of plastic and sold separately. The form is molded by a master from a gel or acrylic. You can learn how to grow nails by following the instructions:
Before you begin to build, you should treat your hands and nails antiseptic.

The cuticle needs to be "pushed back" with a special manicure tool, so as not to damage it in the process of building.

The nail should be treated with a linear saw blade not too stiff. This is necessary in order for the material to better "cling" to the surface nail. Once the surface of the nail platinum fat is dull, you can move on to the next point.

During the cutting, the nail dust is formed. It must be carefully removed with a special brush.

The matt nail plate should be degreased with a special preparation. Touch the outer side of the nail after degreasing it is impossible.

Next, you should choose tipsy that fit the size of each nail. To give nails to tips a beautiful shape is easier, so newcomers are recommended this way.

The edge of the nail should be spread with glue and glue the tips.

Then with a special type-tiporez (guillotine) tips cut to the desired length.

Пилкой 100х100 следует придать ногтю нужную форму и запилить всю поверхность ногтя. Типсы обработать пилкой или бафом так, чтобы граница между ногтем и типсой исчезла.

Nail dust and sawdust are again swept away with a brush or a dry brush.

The first stage is completed. Now work directly with the material.

Ноготь следует обработать праймером для геля. Типсу обрабатывать не нужно.

Further tassel a small gel bead about the size of 5mm is recruited. The gel is applied to the nail and distributed evenly over the surface of the nail and tips. Excess is cleaned with an orange stick.

The gel does not freeze spontaneously. Therefore, after covering the nail with gel, each finger should be placed in a special UV lamp.

Гель нужно нанести не менее двух раз. После каждого нанесения ноготь нужно держать в лампе до затвердения геля. Каждый новый слой геля должен быть максимально тонким.

After the last application, the nail in the lamp should be kept about 90 seconds. Possible unpleasant sensations – a burning sensation, for example. If something like this occurs, the nail can be removed from the lamp for a few seconds.

When the gel hardens, a special liquid and a sticky layer is removed from each nail with a napkin.

The entire nail plate is treated with saw blades. The free edge of the nail should be as thin as possible.

Finish-gel is applied with a thin layer to fix the accrued nail. Next, the nail is placed in the lamp for a minute and a half.

Remove the sticky layer and apply gloss.

The grown up fingernail is ready.

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