How to learn to do makeup

How to learn to do makeup
Every girl dreams to learn how to make make-up, which would represent her in a favorable light. If you devote very little time to training the correct application of suitable cosmetics for you, in the future this daily process will take a few minutes.

Sit in front of the mirror in natural light. Look at your face, determine your merits, which should be emphasized with the help of cosmetics, as well as the shortcomings that are necessary скрыть. If you, for example, have a wider lower face, do not focus on lips, it is more appropriate with a wide forehead and cheekbones.

Before you learn how to make make-up, cleanse your face with a special remedy, or just wash yourself. Clearly adhere to the order of applying cosmetics.

Apply makeup base. This tool is a necessary condition for a neat and persistent make-up. If there are minor defects on the face – redness, acne, etc., disguise them with the help of a special corrector.

Using your fingers or sponge, apply a foundation cream to your face, chin and neck. The tonal should ideally match you in the shade.

On the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) with a brush, distribute the powder, the color of which, like the tonal product, is most suitable for you. On the outstanding parts of the face, apply powder to the tone darker than the main one. Ideally, a beautiful face should be oval in shape, so all that is beyond the scope, adjust with a dark powder.

Apply eye shadow to the eyelid. They also help to adjust the face and cut eye visually. Optional, spouting for the eyes draw arrows. This is especially true for owners of closely planted eyes. Apply mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.

Pencil carefully shape the eyebrows. Fingers or a special brush gently shade the pencil line.

Under the cheekbones and the cavities at the cheeks Brush, towards the temples, distribute a small amount of blush.

On the lips apply помаду and, if desired, shine. Or, especially if you focus on eyes, ограничьтесь лишь shine. Blot your lips with a tissue.

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