How to learn to design on nails

How to learn to design on nails
In the stores you can find a huge assortment of various varnishes for nails with a variety of effects. However, this is not enough for real craftsmen. They want to have their own, individual and unique manicure. How to get it? Learn the techniques of nail design.

You will need
  • – varnishes for nails of different colors;
  • – leveling base;
  • – top coating with gloss;
  • – Ready-made stickers;
  • – varnish with sparkles;
  • – stamps;
  • – декоративные жемчужины.
Before you do creativity, be sure to do a manicure – with your own hands or in the salon. Unusual design will draw attention to the hands – so their condition should be impeccable. Saw nails, remove the cuticle and carefully polish the surface. For greater smoothness, cover it with an equalizing base – so the manicure will retain a longer look.

Get ready-made motifs for decorating manicure. They will help very much if you do not know how to draw or you are afraid that you will not be able to repeat the pattern you liked on several fingers. On sale there are mini-stickers in the form of various figures, openwork and shiny pads, special stamps for creating a variety of drawings. Do not buy everything – select a couple of interesting options, embody them on hands. If you like the result, you can think about expanding the collection.

Покройте ногти двумя слоями эмали фисташково-зеленого или мятного оттенка. Просушите их и тонкой кистью нанесите произвольные дуги, пересекающиеся в верхней части ногтя. Используйте золотистый глиттер и накладки для французского маникюра – они позволят нанести ровные линии. Покройте рисунок topom with the effect of drying, and at the intersection of the arcs, attach a decorative sticker in the form of a circle of lemon. It will be a very beautiful summer manicure.

For solemn occasions, use pearls and rhinestones. Do not attach them to a bright varnish – it looks dull. Cover the nails with dark-cherry or crimson enamel in two or three layers. Ideally, if the varnish contains small glitter – this will give the manicure the volume and depth. Apply a layer of topcoat with glitter on the nails. On the little finger of the left hand, glue 4-5 pearls, and on the ring finger of the right – 5-6 more pieces. This manicure looks very impressive, besides it is simple in execution.

For everyday manicure, use special stamps. Drawing can be done with paints or обычным лаком contrasting color. Cover the nails with white enamel, dry them well. On the drawing attached to the stamp, apply a black lacquer, remove the excess with a scraper. Quickly attach a pad of the stamp to the drawing and transfer it to the nail. On sale there are a variety of motifs – flowers, Butterflies, abstract patterns, with which you can cover the entire nail or only a part of it. From above, apply brilliant top – they will give the manicure gloss and fix the picture.

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