How to learn to build nails at home

How to learn to build nails at home
Слишком мягкие, хрупкие и ломкие ногти не только неэстетично выглядят – обламываясь, они могут стать причиной болезненных ранок на пальцах. Улучшить внешний вид рук помогут крепкие и блестящие искусственные ногти из геля или акрила. Чтобы обзавестись такими пластинами, не обязательно обращаться в салон. С помощью специальных инструментов и препаратов вы сделаете эффектный маникюр в домашних условиях.

You will need
  • – plastic transparent tipsy;
  • – forceps for artificial nails;
  • – UV-lamp for drying;
  • – fine-grained file;
  • – disinfectant fluid for nails;
  • – dehydrator;
  • – forming gel;
  • – Bond;
  • – finishing gel;
  • – glue;
  • – кисточка для нанесения геля.
You can increase nails with acrylic or gel. Both of them have their own fans and opponents. However, in domestic conditions it is preferable gel drugs – they are easier to work with, do not have an unpleasant sharp odor. Buy everything you need for build-up it is possible in professional shops for hairdressers.

Beginners will be approached by a simpler way of building up with tips. Choose transparent tips of the right size – ideally they should completely correspond to a nail plate. Give the tips the desired length and shape. Most often, artificial nails are made oval, square or almond-shaped.

Prepare everything you need for the procedure in advance. Nails treat with a fine-grained file, move the cuticle with a metal pusher or a wooden stick. To soften it, you can first apply a special liquid or gel to the base of the nail.

Treat the nails with a swab dipped in a disinfectant. Then wipe them with dehydrator – the composition drying the stratum corneum. Apply glue on the tips and attach them to your own plates. Proceed slowly – first attach one false nail, make sure that it is firmly fixed, and then proceed to the next sticker.

Наклеив все типсы, подождите несколько минут. Затем нанесите на ногти бондер и просушите его под лампой. Процесс сушки не должен занимать более 2 минут, иначе ногти могут получиться ломкими и непрочными.

The most important stage is the application of a forming gel. Apply it neatly, using a flat brush made of artificial nap. The gel should even out the difference between the artificial and natural nail, creating a smooth, shiny coating. It is important to apply the product in a sufficiently thick layer, but make sure that no mounds form on the surface of the plates. Polymerize the gel under the lamp.

Remove the sticky layer and sand the nails with a saw blade. Then cover the plates with the final gel and fasten it under the lamp for 2 minutes. Fashionable manicure is ready, with attentive attitude and care, it will last at least 3 weeks.

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