How to learn nails painting

How to learn nails painting
Now it is very fashionable to apply various patterns on the nails. It's not always possible to visit a good manicurist. Therefore, many are trying to learn how to do it themselves. murals. For this you need to know some subtleties.

You will need
  • Широкие и узкие кисти, лаки разных цветов, иголки и зубочистки, салфетка.
Draw on nails at first it seems very difficult. After all, the nail is like a miniature canvas, on which you express your imagination and skill. To learn handsomely make such murals, you need patience and perseverance.

Для начала приобретите необходимый набор инструментов, кисти различной ширины, лаки. Сначала тренируйтесь рисовать на стеклышках или полиэтиленовых отрезках. Нарисуйте модель ногтя и пытайтесь его разукрасить. Начните с простых и волнистых линий. Рисуйте их поперечными и продольными. Потом переходите к простым геометрическим фигурам. Главное – научиться пользоваться тоненькими кисточками, чтобы рука не дрожала, и линии получались ровными. Учитесь регулировать силу нажима кисти – чем сильнее будет нажим, тем толще будут линии. Следите за тем, чтобы линии были непрерывными. В процессе такого обучения вы научитесь чувствовать, сколько краски необходимо набирать на кисть.

Remember that the longest and thinest brushes are used for drawing lines and contours in drawings, and it is more convenient to paint over details of drawings and to put sparkles more thick. Rinse the brushes more often. If the varnish on them withers, then just throw it away.

Now go to the study of drawing techniques for nails. One of them is drawing thin brush. First, apply the base varnish, and already on it draw patterns that you learned separately. If you use several colors – wait until the first one dries, then apply the second one. Remember that the lacquer for the picture should be saturated, but not very thick, otherwise the brush will dry up quickly. And you draw a broken line to you, like начинающему мастеру, будет очень сложно.

The second method is drawing a picture with a needle. Here, also apply a base lacquer and, without waiting for it to dry, drip a droplet of a different color. Then take a needle or toothpick and make a divorce, i.e. stretch this drop in a zigzag manner, in the form of a figure-eight or rays. Depending on these stretches, you will get different drawings. To achieve maximum effect, use several different shades simultaneously.

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