How to learn how to grow nails on your own

How to learn how to grow nails on your own
Nail extensions – the procedure is very popular, because it allows you to simplify the care and at the same time makes them beautiful. A girl with perfect manicure makes a pleasant impression. But to carry out the build-up in beauty salons, not every representative of the fair sex has the opportunity. it is not only expensive, but also takes a lot of time. Fortunately, you can learn how to handle your nails at home is not worse than that of professionals.

If you have a desire to learn how to build up nails yourself, you can use several sources of information. First, you can find and read many articles about this procedure in ladies' and specialized magazines. Secondly, the video materials you need are in large numbers posted on the Internet. And, finally, you can learn this directly from a good manicurist.

The fastest and inexpensive способ наращивания – наклеивание накладных ногтей – типсов. Они продаются вместе со специальным клеем. Внимательно прочитайте инструкцию и приступайте. Подкорректируйте длину ногтей до того, как их будете наклеивать. Подготовьте свои nails. To do this, you must remove the old varnish, raise and remove the cuticle, and trim the burrs. Carefully file each nail. Wash and dry your hands.

After this, arrange the ready tips on the table in order, so as not to get confused. You must apply a drop of glue to the center of the tip and carefully distribute it across the surface of the artificial material. And then take the false nail, bring it perpendicular to your natural, hold down and hold 10-15 seconds. If excess glue has appeared somewhere, wipe it off immediately. When everything is ready, cover nails varnish.

A more complex way to build nails is with acrylic. Prepare your nails, осторожно отшлифуйте их поверхность пилочкой с крупным зерном так, чтобы не осталось бороздок. Пилочкой с мелким зерном обработайте поверхность ногтя у кутикулы. Удалите пыль и обезжирьте nails. После этого нанесите очень тонким слоем праймер.

Set to nails формы. Они должны хорошо прилегать к боковым частям, иначе наращенные nails quickly cracked. Dip the brush in liquid, wring out all that is superfluous. Type this ball with acrylic. Quickly and accurately roll it on the nail with the form. Apply and roll a new ball with acrylic. Acrylic at this time should not reach the cuticle, but it must mix with the layer on the mold. The third time, apply acrylic on the entire surface of the nail. When the acrylic dries, treat with a nail file, and then polish the whole surface of the nail to a shine. At the end, apply to nails a layer of varnish.

A popular way to build nails is applying gel. To do this, do a manicure: treat nails, убрав лишнюю длину. Оставить необходимо 2-3 миллиметра для формы. Зашлифуйте поверхность ногтей и наденьте на них формы. Нанесите первый слой геля на половину ногтя и продлите его до нужной длины на форме. Подсушите его под лампой в течение минуты. Затем нанесите второй слой геля, не доводя его на пару миллиметров до кутикулы. Подсушите. Снимите формы и придайте ногтям желаемый вид.

After that, on the brush again, type the gel and apply it to the middle of the nail, distributing it evenly on the sides. For a few seconds, lift your palm up and then dry the nail under the lamp. Once again, work on the nail file to give the nails an ideal shape. And apply the last, thinnest, layer of gel. Dry nails and take care that within half an hour after that, they do not get moisture.

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