How to learn acrylic nails

How to learn acrylic nails
Beauty and health of nails, alas, are given by nature not to every woman. Thanks to modern technologies, this problem can be easily solved. It is enough to turn to the salon and resort to building up. With this procedure, your nails will be close to the ideal.

Nail extensions consist in their elongation and shape changes due to the application of various materials to the surface of the nail plate. One such material is acrylic powder, which when mixed with a special liquid turns into a thick mass. This mass when interacting with air very quickly freezes, so perform the procedure for building up in this case can only an experienced master.

In order to learn how to build acrylic nails, have to practice. First, disinfect the client's hands. Then move the cuticle and treat the nails with an antiseptic solution. After that, apply a primer on the nails – a special thick gel. For the time while it dries, pick up tips that fit in size.

Inside the tips put one or two balls of acrylic. The amount will depend on how long the nails are needed by the customer. Then attach the mold to the nail, gently squeezing the excess material onto its free edge. Tips must be applied in such a way as to avoid air ingress between it and the natural nail. Then evenly distribute acrylic from the inner surface of the mold. Wait until the material hardens and carefully remove the mold. Give the edge of the nail the desired shape and, if necessary, varnish.

Having mastered this technique in perfection, you can easily build nails to yourself, which, in general, make the manicure master. Nails made of acrylic are very elastic and elastic, they serve as a kind of protection of a natural nail from the effects of environmental conditions. In addition, they are quite strong. If you still broke the record, the master will easily restore it. Unlike gel, acrylic is easily removed when it is dissolved with a special liquid. However, it has a rather specific persistent smell, which disappears only with time.

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