How to lay front strands

How to lay front strands
The appearance of the haircut is highly dependent on the front strands. Therefore, stacking them in different ways, you can give a hairstyle unobtrusive, or, conversely, solemn appearance. Of course, you can not do without a hairdryer, ironing and a round brush.

You will need
  • Hair dryer, comb, round brush, hair curlers, hairpins, ironing, curling iron, hair styling and fixing tools.
Elongated straight strands always look stylish and elegant, and their daily straightening takes a little time. The technology of laying front strands with a comb and a hair dryer is as follows: apply a hair styler to wet hair, then take the hair dryer in the right hand, and comb into the left and proceed to the formation of strands. Your main task: to make them as direct as possible. To do this, turn the hair dryer on to maximum power, direct the air stream to the strand and at the same time comb it. On one small strand should go no more than a minute, so as not to overdry the hair. However, with hard and curly hair will have to handle each strand more carefully. If your hair is straight, then it's enough to straighten a couple of strands to get a finished image.

If you only want to lightly twist the locks that frame the face, then also use a hairdryer and a comb. Take the hair dryer in the right hand, and the comb in the left hand, select a small strand. Now, with the tip of the comb, form a curl and simultaneously perform the blow-out with a hairdryer. Depending on the desire or nature of the event on which you are going, curl only the tip or the entire strand from the roots. When you achieve the desired effect, grab the next strand and repeat all the actions again. To prevent strands from spinning, fix the result with a hair spray. Instead of a regular comb, use a round brush. It is especially convenient to lay a round brush front strands of hair cuts Kare and Bob. Wind the strands on the brush inwards, and serve hot air from the bottom. So you not only beautifully arrange hair, but also make a hairdo volume.

If you have long curly hair, then for laying the front strands use a nozzle-diffuser. Dampen the strand and gently lay it in the nozzle. Turn the dryer on medium temperature and hold 2 minutes. Next, proceed to the next strand. Thus, from the front you get careless curls resembling chemistry. From the back, you can collect hair in a high pony tail or braid a French braid. To make the volume, lift the strands at the roots with the "fingers" of the nozzle-diffuser. If curly locks fall on the face and interfere with it, then kill them with invisible ones.

To form curls from the front strands also suitable for various hair curlers and curlers. Treat the hair with a styling aid, wind up several front strands on the curlers and lie down to sleep. The next morning rollers remove and neatly comb the hair, giving them the right direction. Practice shows: if you do not comb the strands, then the curl will last much longer. So just run your fingers into your hair and fan them, if necessary. If desired, create the effect of wet hair, just applying a sufficient amount of gel on curled hair.

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