How to lay an elongated square

How to lay an elongated square

В haircut elongated check the hairdresser cuts her hair longer than the chin level, then cuts it around the contour so that they are slightly beveled and slightly bent inside. This haircut involves a lot of styling options.

A simple classic styling of an elongated square is created as follows. On damp hair, apply a comb of mousse for styling hair. Dry the hair with a hair dryer, pulling them out and simultaneously twisting the tips of the hair inside. Strands can also be twisted with curling or ironing to create a three-dimensional hairstyle.

Screw all the hair onto medium-sized curlers. Collect the wavy strands in a light tail, fixed from below. Release one hair from the temples, so that they lie along the face, creating a romantic image.

Clean the hair and wet hair with a foam for styling and wrap it on the papillot for the whole night. In the morning, spread your hair with your hands, you do not need to comb them, paint them too. Let the feeling of lightness, naturalness and tenderness of a hairdress is created.

Do one more styling. After washing, dry your hair with a hard and round brush, a hair dryer. And the tips of the hair twist in the other side (outer). Hair should be straight. Apply a varnish to fix the resulting hair.

Вымойте тщательно волосы. Накрутите их на любого размера бигуди, чтобы создать им объем. Уложите все волосы любым способом (шпильки, зажимы, невидимки) наверх. Несколько тонких вьющихся прядей высвободите из прически на шею, с висков, на лоб.

Make a variety of elongated square with a bang. It can be done both smooth (straight) and combed on its side. The bang can be removed back, fixing it with a varnish or gel for styling hair. Put on the bezel, removing the bangs under it, or on the contrary – releasing it in front of the rim. A bang can be fixed on the crown with a brooch, a hair clip.

Сделайте из всех волос два хвоста, пустив их по плечам. Поднимите прямые волосы в один хвост на затылке. Заплетите, начиная с челки, косичку-колосок или «рыбий хвост». Косу можно заплести либо только на челке, либо собрать в нее все волосы, а получившуюся косу закрутить и спрятать в нее кончик с резиночкой.

Decorate the elongated quads with accessories: ribbon, rims, hairpins, combs, hairpins and clips with rhinestones.

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