How to know your hair color

How to know your hair color
Blonde, brunette, red. There is an opinion that the color of the hair determines the nature of the woman. The blonde will be nice, but slightly frivolous, a smart brunette, but arrogant, and with a redhead it is better not to have anything at all-she will crush her temper. And if you do highlights along with coloring, will it affect the character?

Color volos define two pigments – melanin and pheomelanin. From their combination and proportions and will depend on the hue of the hairline man. Melanin has a dark and granular structure, and the molecules of pheomelanin are distributed throughout the hair diffusely and render red. Melanin stains hair in a dark color. Prevalence of pheomelanin is observed in red people. And if the pigments are present in hair в незначительном количестве, то и волосы будут светло-серыми или пепельными. Пигменты эти вырабатываются специальными клетками – меланоцитами. Плотность расположения клеток различается от волоса к волосу, поэтому отдельные волоски одного человека всегда отличаются друг от друга по окрасу, что придает волосам дополнительный блеск и the game shades. Artificial dyes stain the hair evenly, experienced взгляд always distinguish colored hair from natural.

Но как же правильно определить свой тип волос? Все очень просто. Брюнетами называют людей с hair цветом от густого black до темно-коричневого. На ступень светлее брюнетов – шатены, обладающие гаммой оттенков от темно-русого до каштанового. Русые люди имеют светло-коричневые волосы. Но все очень относительно. Иногда темно-русых called light-colored shatens, and light blondes are dark blondes.

The real blondes have a a small amount of pigment in the hair, that their hair can look ashen or even completely white. Speaking about the colors of hair, it is impossible not to mention ginger Colour. In the hair of red people, granules of pheomelanin predominate. The red-haired gene is recessive, so the birth of a red-haired child in the family can become an absolute surprise for the parents of brunettes or blondes. Such parents want to advise leafing through old photo albums in search of a red-haired ancestor, which will immediately explain everything.

The modern cosmetic industry in a few minutes is able to radically change the color of your hair. But too much to get involved in painting is still not worth it. Each such coloring procedure is a chemical attack aimed at destroying natural pigments, causing the hair to suffer in one way or another. After all, there is nothing better than beautiful, well-groomed, and most importantly – healthy hair. And the color is, in general, secondary.

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