How to know the body mass index

How to know the body mass index
Excess weight not only prevents a person from moving freely and feeling energetic, but also can lead to the development of various diseases. To control your own weight, there is a body mass index (BMI). This is the formula by which you can assess the ratio of the adult's body weight to its growth. It's easy to calculate BMI yourself.

You will need
  • – centimeter,
  • – a pen,
  • – a piece of paper,
  • – calculator.
To find out your BMI, you need to determine your exact height and weight. The calculation formula is simple. To determine the body mass index, divide your exact weight in kilograms by the height in meters, squared. That is, for example, if your height is 1,64 m and the weight is 59 kg, then the formula will look like this: BMI = 59 / (1,64 x 1,64). Having solved a simple mathematical problem, we get the result. BMI is equal to 21,85.

Конечно, знание своего ИМТ не дает вам полной информации для того, чтобы понять, существует ли угроза вашему здоровью, есть ли у вас ожирение. Для этого нужно запомнить, что если индекс равен 20-25, то вам не о чем беспокоиться, вес в норме. При ИМТ в 25-30 уже существует повышенный риск для здоровья. Высоким он будет при результате 30-35. А при 35 и более следует всерьез задуматься о losing weight, since it is already dangerous. It is not necessary to remember all these numbers, it is enough to know the most comfortable BMI border – 20-25 – and try not to go beyond it.

Remember, this formula is suitable for almost everyone, but there are exceptions. Weightlifters, pregnant и кормящим женщинам, пожилым людям и children не стоит брать за ориентир данные числа. Чтобы определить, есть ли ожирение у вашего the child, calculate the BMI using the same formula. But remember that a normal BMI children less than adults – from 15 to 18,5. The number depends on the age. The older the child, the greater the number.

If you learned your BMI and all indicators of obesity you are not observed, but you still think that the figure is far from ideal, measure the waist. Have Women риск для здоровья существует при объеме талии свыше 88 см. Для Men this figure is equal to 102 cm. There is a small risk if the volumes are larger than 80 and 94 among women and men, respectively. If you are unhappy with your results and measurements, start to lose weight. But do it wisely. You can consult with a specialist, because aggressive diets can lead to even more disastrous results.

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