How to keep your face youthful

How to keep your face youthful
The face is the main concern of every woman. According to him, as an open book, you can read how women treat themselves, how much they care about themselves. Therefore, it is so important for us to preserve youth face.

Возьмите себе за правило тщательно очищать кожу не только вечером, но и утром. Вечером мы очищаем ее from dirt и cosmetics, and in the morning – from microparticles of dust, which settled on the skin overnight. These are the fibers of feathers from pillows, detergent particles, etc. The cleanser should match your age and skin type.

Once or twice a week, apply to the skin face nutritious masks. They can be bought in a store or made most from the products available in the refrigerator. Most often in the role of components of this mask are eggs, honey, sour cream, lemon, cucumber and others. Just do not smear everything on the face, if you do not know what effect this mask will bring to your skin. For example, if on oily skin smear fatty sour cream, there will be no positive result. Therefore, if in doubt, it is better to use the mask bought in the store.

After cleansing, tone the skin. Many miss this stage, but in vain. Toning means remove from the skin the remains of the foam for washing, and also close the pores that open during washing, making it difficult for particles of dirt to reach the depths of the epidermis. Tonic are on alcohol and alcohol-free basis. The first is recommended to use the owners oily skin, the second – all the rest.

Clearing the skin, applying a mask and using the tonic, you need not forget about the final stage – moisturizing. The skin constantly loses its moisture, even in the cold season, and this moisture must be replenished. If this is not делать, wrinkles will appear on the skin more quickly. Moisturizing creams are now sold a lot. Pick up what suitable to you.

Для профилактики появления морщинок полезно протирать лицо кусочком льда и давать влаге высохнуть самой.

Massage face also brings good results. It is necessary to do it regularly, running your fingers along the massage lines, towards the growth line volos. If you do it correctly, the person "comes alive".

To preserve youth face it is recommended to do gymnastics of facial muscles. As a result, they are removed wrinkles and the face is pulled up. Women who practice such gymnastics constantly, usually look younger than their years.

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