How to keep weight

How to keep weight
To achieve an ideal body is small, it is more difficult to keep it in the form we need. Often, having achieved the desired goal, a body that we think is ideal for us, a problem arises – how to maintain weight, which is optimal for us. We constantly balance between strengthened exercises and periods of relaxation, although it is very easy to keep the proportions we need, it is enough to stick to a small list of recommendations.

You will need
  • – subscription to the gym
  • – a guide to caloric content
Eat correctly. Eliminate foods high in fat from your diet, minimize sweets. The first meal should be in the morning time, through half an hour after awakening. In the menu, almost any low-fat food. The second and third meal, no later than 6 hours of the evening, at lunch, necessarily eat soup. For dinner, eat something light, preferably that half of the menu was a salad without refueling.

Sign in to the gym. Go to training sessions, aimed at increasing endurance and cardio training. Your body will be work and recycle the calories that you received during the day, so the percentage of fat mass formation will be minimal.

Делайте exercises, aimed at increasing stamina and stimulating the tone muscle mass body. Use exercise equipment and light weights, do great number repetitions. In this case, the muscle mass will not grow, general stamina and muscle relief will increase. Try to alternate cardio and strength exercises to achieve maximum effect.

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