How to keep the youth of the neck

How to keep the youth of the neck
The beauty of a woman consists of many components. The most important moment is a young, well-groomed skin. With age, it loses its elasticity and elasticity, and this is especially noticeable, for example, on the neck. To keep this area attractive will help several methods.

P "P" SЏ preservation of beauty its necks and to prevent it from darkening, spend a few minutes a day cleaning it. This procedure is suitable for lotions used for the face. It is important to wipe the skin necks down up. You can also prepare a decoction of herbs – chamomile, linden, mint. Make the broth, cool and strain. Wipe the skin moistened with a decoction of cotton swab in the morning and evening. Keep the broth in the refrigerator.

The secret of preserving youth is its hydration. Your usual face cream is perfect for these purposes. It is better if it will be with a tightening effect. For necks you need a very small amount of it, do not try to correct for one day your own shortcomings necks a fat layer of cream.

Do compresses. For example, from oils. Take apricot, peach or olive oil, heat it to about 40 degrees. Wet gauze in warm oil, wring out. Put the gauze on your neck, covering it with a plastic bag and scarf. Lie down for fifteen minutes, then remove excess oil with plain water.

Do exercises to maintain elasticity necks. Banal patches on the back of the palm for five minutes every day will keep the skin toned. It is also useful to tilt the head up, down, left, right, pulling the chin forward. It is important to perform all movements slowly. Do not rush, otherwise you are dizzy, and, possibly, stretching the muscles.

Watch your posture. Posture affects not only the condition of the spine, but also the work of internal organs, as well as the state necks. A dropped head and hollowed shoulders will cause the skin on the neck to lose its elasticity much faster than it could. Keep your head high, straighten your shoulders.

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