How to keep the styling

How to keep the styling
Hair is one of the main advantages and beauties of a woman. Therefore, I would like so much that the effect from the time spent in the morning on laying unruly curls or giving a luxurious volume to the hair is preserved throughout the day.

Take a closer look at the various hair styling products on the shelves. Choose a remedy that suits your type, length and hair structure. And secondly, consider the weather outside the window and the situation in which you will be having a hairdo, as well as how much free time you have for styling.

Воспользуйтесь пенкой или муссом, чтобы придать волосам объем и сделать волосы сильнее. Нанесите средства на чуть влажные волосы и высушите их с помощью фена. Для тонких волос подойдут средства слабой или нормальной фиксации. Для вьющихся локонов и волос плотной структуры – сильной фиксации. Мусс по консистенции легче пенки, но при этом надежнее зафиксирует ваши волосы.

Apply hair gel, when you need to select a few locks in your hair or achieve the effect of "wet hair." Gel can fix unruly curls or "smooth" the curvy hair.

Use hair wax if you are outdoors with high humidity. This means of strong fixation is ideal for wavy and curly ringlets. Hair will look smooth and shiny for a long time.

Fix the final finished hairdo. Modern light lacquers leave hair in its natural form, do not create a "crust" effect. And to preserve static and strict hairstyles, use the super strong fixing varnish. Evenly spray the product at a distance of about half a meter from the hair. In this case, the hair should be completely dried. If desired, use a toning varnish to give a light shade of hair or varnish with sparkles for special occasions.

Do not overdo it with fixation while styling hair. The most attractive are natural hair that is not overloaded with various means.

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