How to keep the skin young

How to keep the skin young
The whole business of cosmetology is built on what women want to preserve skin his face young and beautiful as long as possible. Perfectly safe cosmetics, unfortunately, does not exist, here and it is necessary to be torn between useful influence on skin here and now and the harmful effects of sweat. In order to save skin young as long as possible, it is worthwhile to follow several recommendations.

First of all pay attention to your psychological state. Are not you a little nervous? Do you often worry? If answer even if one of these questions is "yes", then it means that you need to monitor your nerves, because all your experiences are reflected on the face. Of course, wrinkles from strong stress will appear only in ten to fifteen years, but it is still necessary to exclude such a factor as stress, because it is unlikely to you Need морщины, даже через такой промежуток времени.

Limit your face from harmful effects solarium and the sun. Используйте шляпы с широкими полями и большие солнцезащитные очки для того, чтобы спрятать нежную skin face for the sun. Remember that with each session tanning Your skin ages, quite a bit, but it does grow old and dry. As a consequence, it loses its elasticity and young view.

Look after your skin. Be sure to rinse cosmetics daily, try use tonal creams and powders to a minimum. More often indulge skin face masks and moisturizers. Address in the cosmetic center before occurrence wrinkles, and experienced consultants помогут вам долгое время сохранять здоровый и свежий цвет face, and your skin will be elastic and elastic.

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