How to keep a diary of weight loss

How to keep a diary of weight loss
A diary or journal losing weight – an excellent tool for controlling your eating behavior and training. It will help you to understand not only how much and what exactly you eat, what exercises are effective for you and which ones are not, but will also answer the question of why you are violating a diet or a mode of study, which forces you to lean on food other than true hunger and when you tend to skip classes.

You will need
  • – electronic or paper journal;
  • – training plan;
  • calorie table;
  • – a small handy notepad.
Если вы решили вести дневник losing weight, самое главное – понять, что вы делаете это для себя, а потому не нужно никого обманывать. Зачем он вам, если вы не будете честны? Скажите себе, что никто не увидит его, если вы не сочтете это нужным, и не лукавьте, уменьшая порции или приписывая лишние подходы.

In fact, a diary of weight loss – it's just three magazines. One reflects your eating habits, the second tells you about your workouts and the third shows the changes in your weight. First, fix the "point of reference" – take a picture in the tight fitting suit in profile and full face, weighed and write down the result. The photos are needed so that you can evaluate the real picture. Weight is not always an indicator that your efforts are sterile, because muscles are heavier than fat and there may be a moment when the figure on the scales stiffens, but your body will change for the better. Take the rule of weighing not more often than once a week, at the same time (morning or evening), only in your underwear. Make photos once a month.

Решите, удобней вам вести дневник на бумаге или в интернете. Бумажный magazine may be more convenient for recording, but an electronic diary, especially if you are using it with special programs, gives you more possibilities for analysis and can show you not only the changes over time, but also the dependence of various factors on each other. Electronic programs for weight control are both paid and free.

Even if you decide to keep a paper diary, still prepare a small notebook that you will always carry with you. It is more convenient to make notes in it during the day, and then transfer them to a "big" magazine or to drive data into the program. Also it will help not to calculate the caloric content and composition of the portion each time directly at the table, and to find out later, when checking the data in special tables. After a while you will already remember the approximate content of calories and nutrients in the usual food, but at first it can become a problem, it is the "notebook that is always with you" that will help to solve it. If you decide to stick to a certain diet, plan in your magazine a menu in advance and record how exactly you follow it.

В зависимости от ваших целей, найдите или создайте дневник подходящего формата. Выберите колонки, которые вы будете заполнять ежедневно – это касается питания, например, пишите время, когда вы принимали пищу, reasons, which made you eat (whether you were hungry, upset and "seized" offense, did you decide to eat something from boredom or the company). If you are not ready to count calories and divide food into proteins, fats and carbohydrates, write just the sizes of portions and types of food.

Prepare a training plan in advance and, upon completion, write in the journal at what time вы занимались, насколько устали, сколько сделали подходов. Если вы пропустили занятия, также напишите, что послужило причиной.

Analyze the journal at least once a month, but not more often than once a week. Do not reproach yourself, if you see that over the past period you have often violated your plan of eating or training, it's better to see what it's connected with – what your mood was, whether it's worth changing the time of classes, maybe you forget to take with you a healthy food, and a sense of hunger makes you eat fast food? A diary losing weight should help you and motivate you, and do not be reproached – remember this.

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