How to keep a beautiful chin

How to keep a beautiful chin
Oval face begins to lose its shape over the years. The clarity of the lines disappears, the appearance worsens. But this is not the case with everyone, because there are many exercises to preserve the shape of the chin.

The main problems of this zone are the emergence of the "second chin" – fat folds or flabbiness of muscles and skin in the area. This can be corrected in the surgeon's or cosmetician's office, or using simple physical exercises that will improve the condition.

What causes a double chin

Fat deposits on any part of the body – this is the cause of malnutrition and disturbance in the regime of the day. More often the fold of the skin is formed in people with excessive weight.

The cause of this phenomenon may be heredity. If the body weight does not change, and the chin changes shape, look at the relatives, does not this happen with them?

Sharp weight loss also leads to loss of shape and flabbiness of the skin.

And age changes also occur in the body of any person, although they can be significantly delayed in time.

Preventive exercises for the chin

You have to start looking for a face with 20 years. This does not mean that you need to use a cream against wrinkles. Simply, there are a number of actions that will prolong the beauty and youth.

Use daily face cream. Apply it on the neck and decollete. In the process, make patting movements on the chin. Begin from the middle of the face to the ears. Perform better by the back side of the palm, intensity gradually increasing. But the pain should not be. The optimal time is 2-3 minutes.

Press the palm on the ext, trying to tip your head back. Resist your own movement, feel the tension of the neck and chin muscles. Do this several times a day for 10-15 seconds. This is an excellent prevention.

In the morning or evening in bed lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body and lift your head. Hold it in this position for 5-10 seconds. Then, without lowering, turn to the side, hold for a few seconds. It is necessary to try to turn the head to the stop, so that the tension in the desired area occurs. Execute to the right, then to the left, rest and do everything from the beginning. It is recommended 5 approaches 1-2 times per day.

How to remove double chin

  • Chew the chewing gum. When the jaw moves, the muscles are strengthened.
  • Put out your tongue. In doing so, try to do this as far as possible. This also has a positive effect on the face oval.
  • Squeeze your lower lip to the nose. Perhaps you will not succeed, but the attempts themselves with regular execution will improve the appearance.
  • Reject head back with tightly compressed teeth. This will strain the right muscles. To get the result, you need to execute on 20-30 once a day for a month.
  • Just do not be superfluous to do exercises that are suitable for prevention.

And the most reliable means – contact a beautician. Today, there are a lot of means, not surgical, that solve this issue in a few days or even hours.

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