How to keep a beautiful breast shape

How to keep a beautiful breast shape
For a beautiful form of the breast is responsible for both the skin and the muscles. To improve the appearance and tighten the bust after losing weight, or to return the breast to its beautiful form after a hard diet you will be helped by regular physical activity. It is not necessary to sign up for aqua aerobics classes or swimming, because all that is needed is a bit of zeal. Several simple exercises should be performed at least once a day. Exercise #1

Встать к стене, положив на нее обе руки и выполнить отжимания стоя не менее 10 раз. В том случае, если подобного рода упражнение кажется вам слишком легким – усложните задачу и отожмитесь от дивана или же от пола.

Exercise #2

Встать ровно и взять в руки гантели весом до 2 кг (гантели можно заменить бутылками, наполненными песком или водой). Поднять руки на уровень груди и начать медленно разводить их в стороны. Это упражнение следует повторить 10 раз.

Exercise #3

Raise your hands to the level of your chest and press them against each other with your hands. At 15, increase the pressure of the palms and then loosen. Such an exercise can be repeated an unlimited number of times.

Water treatments for breast elasticity

To preserve the beautiful shape of the breast and prevent the bust from losing its natural elasticity water procedures help effectively. And the most effective procedure is hydromassage.

Hydromassage is massage with water jets. It is especially recommended to those who are in the process losing weight, ведь эта несложная процедура позволяет стимулировать кровообращение, оказывает благотворное воздействие на кожные покровы и повышает тонус мышц бюста.

The hydromassage service is now offered practically by any SPA-salon, however this procedure is simple enough to hold in domestic conditions. Standing in the shower you need to direct the stream of water into the decollete zone to start making circular motions. To ensure that the bust not only acquired elasticity, but also became high, special attention should be paid to the intercostal area. The water temperature, as well as the head, should be average.

Very beneficial effect on the state of the breast hydromassage with a scattered shower jet. You should direct the water jet in the direction from the ribs to the shoulders, paying special attention to the decollete zone.

The breast really needs special care and if you made a decision grow thin, especially pay attention to your diet, choose the right set of exercises and do not forget to provide regular care for the decollete area, and then the question of how, how to save the breast is beautiful and elastic you will not touch.

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