How to just make bright makeup

How to just make bright makeup
Bright makeup is necessary, but not for every day. And sometimes just for some party. But some girls and women are accustomed to applying bright make-up every day.

Not each of the girls can correctly cast bright shadows on the eyelids, sometimes it turns out not at all what was expected. For clear shades and colors of shadows, you must use a special base under the shadows. There is a base for make-up, but it's completely different. Yes, the cosmetic bag will be replenished for one more thing, but if you want to be bright, you have to go to the data of the victim.

Before applying any make-up, the skin should be cleaned and degreased, so that the paint lasts longer.

Imagine an album sheet and colored pencils. After all, the sheet is white, so the color of any pencil is so clearly visible on it. After all, our skin is far from white and sometimes excessive pigmentation or simply swarthyness prevents us. So in make-up, you need a white base. That is, you can use and need a white makeup pencil as a basis for applying bright shadows.

Before applying the shadows, we apply the white pencil to the required places. And we do not put shadows on top of the pencil, but impose them. As if driving with light movements. Bright makeup is ready, the main thing that is necessary, you stressed. And then you use everything that you used before. I wish not to overdo it and stay always in the spotlight.

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