How to just choose the best anti-wrinkle cream?

How to just choose the best anti-wrinkle cream?

As soon as women become "a little behind …", and on the face appears the first pair of wrinkles, they face a very topical question: "Is it time to start using special anti-aging cosmetics? And, by the way, it's really time! After all, aging of the skin is much easier to slow down than to fight with its unsightly manifestations! But the main problem here is to find the right one, that is, a truly effective anti-wrinkle cream!

What should be the composition of anti-age drugs?

One of the determining factors in choosing such creams is a list of ingredients. Today, manufacturers use a very large "arsenal" of active substances. Let's see, "who is who" or, more simply, which ones we should pay attention to.

So, they are effective in combating age-related changes:

  • Alphahydroacids or AHA, which include, for example, dairy and fruit. Yes, it is really proved that they contribute to the process of skin rejuvenation. This is due to the constant process of exfoliation. Due to this, the epidermis becomes softer, smoother, "fresh". Improves complexion, wrinkles decrease. BUT! As a rule, manufacturers are silent about the fact that such creams from wrinkles can not be used constantly. Why? Because the skin, continuously subjected to exfoliation, gradually reduces the ability to recover. That is, gradually it begins, on the contrary, to grow old even more!CONCLUSION:Such means can be used, but only by courses;


  • Sun protection filters. They just have to be in the line-up! Excessive exposure to sunlight on the skin at any age is detrimental. From this epidermis "dried", quickly loses its elasticity, and as a result, grows old faster! So it must be protected with SPF;
  • Retinol (vitamin A) – very useful for age skin. It stimulates the production of collagen in the epidermis. The lack of this protein is just one of the main causes of wrinkles;
  • Vitamins. In addition to vitamin A, which we mentioned above, vitamin E (slows the aging process, resists the harmful effects of free radicals) and vitamin C (has antioxidant properties, retains the cell structure) is very positive for the skin condition.

"Soothers" and unhelpful substances:

  • Collagen – very actively advertised and advertised until now. Allegedly, using a cream containing it, you can make up for the lack of this substance in the fading skin. According to marketing syllables, collagen penetrates deep layers of the skin, improving its structure. Alas, this is not so … The fact is that the molecules of this substance contained in the cream are too large to penetrate deeply into the epidermis. Consequently, the effect of it will be zero, even though it is supposedly "related to our skin …";
  • Paraffin – a fairly cheap and highly controversial ingredient, actively used in the manufacture of inexpensive wrinkle creams. It creates a kind of greenhouse effect that does not allow moisture to evaporate from the surface of the skin. Therefore, this ingredient is promoted as a moisturizer. On the one hand, it really is. And, on the other – because of it the cells of the epidermis can not breathe freely, they also violate the natural metabolic processes, which is highly undesirable;

  • Fragrances. Usually they go "complete" with alcohol and can potentially cause irritation and allergic reactions. However, this is all individually. Most people do not have a negative reaction.

BTW: it is necessary to pay attention to the sequence of enumeration of ingredients in the composition of the product. They are listed in descending order, depending on their percentage in the total product volume.

What else to look for when choosing a cream for wrinkles?

  • At his age. Today, most manufacturers offer anti-aging rulers, in which the funds are divided into categories (25 +, 35 +, 45 +, 55 +);

BTW: In addition, to regularly use a cream designed for your age, you can also use a more "adult" product from time to time (1-2 times a week). This will be a kind of "escape" for the epidermis.

  • For the time of year. Use a summer cream with a lighter texture and with a higher level of sun protection. In winter, by the way, there will be more dense and fatty means;
  • For the time of day. In the afternoon it is desirable to use more "aerial" cosmetic products. Otherwise, make-up can "swim", and the skin will upset you with the appearance of a fat gloss;
  • The duration of use of the product. After about six months, the epidermis "gets used" to its composition, because of which the apparent efficiency will decrease. That is, it's time to pick up a replacement. By the way, we recommend that you pay attention to the online store "Forget-me-not";

  • The volume of the product purchased. From the point above it follows: it is better to give preference to packaging smaller in volume, even if it is financially less profitable. This should be observed especially when it comes to jars in which the media are exposed to the active environment;
  • For the price. Here it is necessary to adhere to the "golden mean". Too cheap products are usually made from cheap, inefficient ingredients. And, on the contrary, the very high price of the cream can be due only to the popularity of the brand that produces it, and the high cost of the jar. That is, it can not affect the quality of the content itself. Therefore, most often, the optimal option is the average price segment and the one that is slightly above average.



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