How to iron the skin

How to iron the skin
In the struggle for a smooth, beautiful and well-groomed skin women resort to a variety of methods. Some of them each time turn to the salon, and someone uses folk remedies or simply conducts therapy at home with purchased products. Each separately the method is undoubtedly good, but it is even more effective to use several at once, to carry out a set of procedures.

The most common and, perhaps, an affordable way to combat wrinkles is the cream. It helps to rejuvenate skin, improve its condition, improve tone and elasticity. However, the cream may be different, so it should be chosen carefully. The thing is that everyone cream there may be different characteristics and properties (например, крем для увядающей кожи не подойдет той girl, who is looking for a cream from first wrinkles). Принимайте во внимание также и тип вашей кожи (жирный, смешанный, сухой и так далее), место, для которого он предназначен (если морщинки располагаются вокруг глаз, то приобретать нужно соответствующий крем). Если есть возможность, better consult with a beautician, he will advise that means, which is right for you.

Miostimulation has also become quite popular: it is a procedure in which facial muscles are affected electric current. With the help of muscle contraction, blood circulation, the general condition of the skin (and all thanks to oxygen saturation of the tissues) improves. In addition, myostimulation helps to reduce the second chin, the slackness of the cheeks, the reduction in the number wrinkles; it also aligns the skin's relief, makes it more elastic and elastic. There are several types of programs for which the procedure of myostimulation passes. Selection and conduct of an individual is conducted only by a specialist. Sometimes, in order to increase the effectiveness of myostimulation, they can be recommended to combine it with the effect of heat.

In addition to these funds, you can help injectionsIn composition которых входит вещество под названием “ботулотоксин”. Инъекция вводится под skin person, where he can act for 3-12 months (duration depends on the individual characteristics of the body). Over time, the effect of botulinum toxin may be weakened, so the procedure will need constant repetition. The very action of this substance is that it paralyzes certain muscles, not allowing them to contract, thereby preventing the formation of wrinkles.

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