How to instill a man's taste for clothes

How to instill a man's taste for clothes
Men are mostly indifferent to clothes. But in fact, often, due to the specifics of their work, they must dress elegantly and tastefully. Only here to instill in them this taste is difficult, but possible.

How to instill a sense of style in a man with the help of the comparison effect

The most effective method of grafting taste to clothing in men is a comparison. Try to find a similarity between your spouse (friend, brother, родственником) и какой-нибудь публичной личностью – актером, спортсменом, телеведущим, известным олигархом. Согласитесь, сравнение со «звездой» весьма лестно, особенно если ваш мужчина – фанат спорта или руководящий работник. Для него пусть виртуальное, но сходство с кумиром может дать толчок к стремлению одеваться со вкусом.

Unobtrusively emphasize representative "in this gray suit (or in such trousers, jacket, shoes, tie) he – well, just a copy" and the name of his ideal. Constant reminders will stimulate the man to throw, at last, his such comfortable, but lost sight of trousers or a sheepskin coat in a case and to go to the store for a beautiful and stylish new thing.

In a store where you will not be prevented from visiting earlier and, so to speak, to scout the situation, let him in a roundabout way to the right thing. Well, if you start to exclaim that a sweater or any other thing is almost a copy of what one of the celebrities wears. A man unwillingly wants to buy a thing, in which he will certainly look like an idol. Just do not let him get too involved in shopping – it's still a woman's business.

A frivolous scandal for inculcating a sense of style for a man

Если мужчина никак не поддается на ваши уговоры сменить гардероб, ему можно устроить скандал локального масштаба. Допустим, вы идете в город по магазинам, в кино, посидеть в пиццерии. Вы при параде, а он в мятых брюках и старом джемпере. Откажитесь идти с ним, пока он не сменит хотя бы брюки. Скажите, что такой красоте на его фоне находиться просто неприлично.

You can draw his attention to couples passing by, focusing on elegantly dressed men, even if they are not very many. Perhaps a comparison with a couple where a man is an elegant handsome man and a woman is a gray mouse, will make him think. And next time he will ask you how to dress.

Before the solemn event, such a small scandal, arranged for a couple of days, especially will be appropriate, especially if you go to his relatives. Declare with all seriousness that you will not go anywhere if your companion looks unknown. The most famous and effective phrase in this case sounds like this: "Why should I listen to reproaches from your relatives about my poor eye for the adored son". A man does not want to listen to you, nor his relatives, so he will most likely give preference to beautiful and stylish clothes.

Remember that the sense of style man can be vaccinated. But first you need to be patient.

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