How to insert a piercing in the nose

How to insert a piercing in the nose
People who follow fashion, in some cases are not limited to puncturing in the ears. If you want, you can do piercing eyebrows, navel and even nose. This form of body decoration can help you demonstrate your originality and inner peace.

Contact the salon that provides services piercinga. Use the recommendations of friends when choosing it. If none of them piercing not did, look for reviews о специалистах на тематических форумах или на вашем городском сайте.

Identify the place where you want to do piercing. You can pierce wing nose at different heights or a nasal septum. In the selection you can help a specialist from the salon. It will give you the opportunity to choose the type of decoration that you are going to wear. It can be a ring, carnation and even an earring in the shape of a horseshoe. You will be limited only in the choice of material – at the stage of wound healing, only products made of medical steel or gold can be worn, since they are most neutral to the external environment and are not oxidized very much.

Make an appointment and do piercing in the cabin. At this point you should be completely healthy, you should not even have a cold. Otherwise, the healing period may be prolonged.

Properly take care of the nose after a puncture. The wound will heal from two weeks to two months, depending on the individual characteristics of your body and the puncture site. Do not touch the nose and decoration with dirty hands. Daily wipe the place piercingа соляным раствором или перекисью водорода. Делайте это аккуратно, удаляя следы крови, но при этом не снимайте украшение. После обработки промокните нос чистой салфеткой, чтобы он стал сухим. После консультации с мастером вы можете применять различные ранозаживляющие масла, например, облепиховое. Сменить украшение вы сможете только после того, как отверстие полностью заживет.

For the first six months or a year, try to wear a ring or carnations in your nose all the time. Otherwise, the puncture can grow, and it will have to be done anew.

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