How to independently and safely remove gel-varnish from nails

How to independently and safely remove gel-varnish from nails
The creation of an ideal coating on the nail gel-varnish is so popular and in demand. But sooner or later there comes a time when you need to remove shellac from your nails, and doing it yourself is not so easy. In the salon, this service is not cheap, so often many girls want to know: "How can I safely remove the gel from the nails?".

If, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to remove the gel-lacquer from a specialist or you have not bought a special liquid to remove shellac, do not despair. There are several proven ways to help you easily To clean a nail plate from gel-varnish in house conditions. To use the methods described below is too often not recommended. In contrast to professional cleaning of nails from decorative coating, alternative methods can not be called completely harmless. But they can be used from time to time.

So, for self-cleaning from the gel-lacquer without a special liquid, we will need the following tools:

– wooden spatula,

– Acetone-containing agent for removing decorative varnish,

– wadded disks (or simple medical cotton wool),

– food film (or foil).

Method # 1

Clean the nail from shellac with the usual acetone-containing liquid for removing varnisheasiest. Of course, this is not as easy as with a specialized liquid for removing gel-varnishes, but the effect will eventually be the same. You just need to wet the pieces of cotton in the liquid, put them on the nail and wrap it in film or foil for a while. Then the softened gel-lacquer can easily be removed with an orange spatula. In the process try not to harm the cuticle, because this site is very vulnerable. Lubricate the skin around the nail with a fat cream, then it will not suffer from an aggressive environment.

Method # 2

We clean nails from gel-varnish with the help of transparent nail polish. To do this, take a normal clear varnish and apply it to the surface of shellac. While the layer is not dry, wipe it with a cotton pad. Together with a transparent varnish, gel-lacquer will be removed. But this is not a momentary process, it will take 3-4 to completely clean the nail.

Method # 3

Remove varnish at home, if you do not have a remover handy, you can use the usual alcohol. For this, as in the method No. 1, you need to moisten cotton wool in alcohol or vodka. Apply to the nail and wrap with foil. After a few minutes, the softened coating can be removed using a spatula or buff.

Using these methods in order to get rid of the gel-lacquer coating yourself, it is worth remembering that due to the aggressive environment, the cuticle and the nail itself suffer. Therefore, without fail, after the procedure for removing shellac, we restore the balance of the nail plate with nourishing masks or cream.


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