How to increase your hips

How to increase your hips
Hips are the triceps of the legs, and they form the bulk of the legs. The increase in the thigh is achieved due to the basic exercises with the bar, combined with the final exercises, which literally finish these muscles. In everyday life, the thighs are involved, although a little, so when pumping hips you need an explosive tactic – working out with large scales with the subsequent completion of exercises of medium gravity.

You will need
  • – subscription to the gym
Crouch with the barbell. Adjust the weight that will be optimal for you to start, and choose the weight with which you will have to finish the workout. Use a gap that is small enough for a gradual build-up tempo and weight. Crouch only with a straight back and a look directed up. Be sure to use a safety belt to avoid injury backs.

Machine for bench press – ideal инструмент для работы на массу thighs. It can be either complementary or alternative to squats. Use it if the squats are too complicated or too dangerous for you. Use the same principle of increasing working weight, what вы используете при приседаниях, с учетом того, что работать на этом тренажере проще чем приседать, соответственно, ваши рабочие и пиковые веса будут выше.

Finish work on the triceps hips leg extensions. Try to keep your legs in a straight position for a second, use the hand latches. You can use усилием спины, most pointthat lifting and lowering the weight was even, without sharp jerks. The simulator is easier than squatting, accordingly, your working and peak weights will be higher.

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