How to increase the waist

How to increase the waist
How often in our age of propaganda of a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful body we are unhappy with our appearance and the parameters of our own body. And this statement applies equally to both women and men. A beautiful figure is a dream of both sexes. But only the understanding of this phrase in women and men is different. If the representatives of the weaker sex tend to have a beautiful breasts and fine waist, passing into the seductive line of the thighs, then for men the standard should be broad shoulders, narrow hips and an inflated waist. What should be done for men who are dissatisfied with the size of their waist?

A natural way out is physical exercises and a set of specific exercises. Here are some of them: Useful делать slopes with heavy weight. In this case, only the trunk should work, and the slopes themselves are strictly to the sides, without deviations forward or backward. When correct Exercise exercises and pumped oblique muscles belly. Which will lead to the desired increase in the waist.

It is also important to work out the muscles of the press. Doing exercises on the press, you can strengthen the effect, if you take an additional whatEither a load (for example, a dumbbell or a disk).

And do not forget about back. Suitable exercises from the bodybuilding complex like deadlift, tilt in the slope, pulling dumbbells with one hand.

Before you start active exercises do not forget to consult a doctor and fitness trainer. They will help you not only identify volumes payload for body, but also the presence of contraindications.

The increase in waist size should occur necessarily at the expense of muscular, and not fatty mass. It is not necessary to hope to achieve good results, leaning on fast food. Pledge beautiful figures and good health – a rational amount of exercise.

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