How to increase the thickness of hair

How to increase the thickness of hair
The diameter of the trunk of the hair is given to us genetically, the trichologists state. However, the thickness of the hair can be increased, knowing several important and useful secrets. And the most important advice given by both experts in traditional medicine and trichologist doctors is that it will be possible to achieve the desired effect only for purposeful ladies who are seriously concerned with the problem of fine hair. There are several procedures that allow you to achieve both a cosmetic increase in hair thickness and a real one. It should be noted that each of them has its pros and cons. Cosmetic methods are effective for achieving a quick, but short-lived result. A more serious effect promises systematic care, aimed at increasing the thickness of hair at the stage of growth.
First of all, to achieve an impressive effect will allow professional Lamination of hair. Эта процедура предназначена специально для обладательниц тонких и ломких волос. На волосы наносится специальный состав, представляющий собой обогащенный бальзам, который под воздействием высокой температуры буквально оплавляет кутикулу волоса. В результате ствол каждого волоска обволакивается тончайшей пленкой, которая одновременно защищает структуру волоса и увеличивает его объем. Эффект ламинирования волос держится от 1 до 3 месяцев, после чего процедуру необходимо повторить.
A similar effect can be achieved with a gel mask. To prepare the composition, you will need food gelatin and a small amount of balsam. In a glass of water at room temperature, it is necessary to dissolve 3 g of gelatin. When gelatin swells it needs to be heated in a water bath and brought to a homogeneous state. After adding a few drops of balsam and apply to damp hair. The composition should be kept on the hair for at least 40-k minutes, after which it should be washed off with a mild shampoo. The effect of the gel mask is similar to professional lamination, but to maintain the effect the procedure must be repeated much more often – 2 times a month.
Achieving a more permanent effect will allow Iranian henna, which unlike other means, allows you to increase the thickness of hair at the stage of growth. Penetrating into the structure of the hair bulb, henna awakens sleeping hairs, making them thicker and stronger. It should be noted that at the same time, the hair becomes much darker, which is clearly visible even when using colorless henna.
Кроме того, не следует забывать, что медицинская промышленность не забывает о проблеме толщины волос, и на прилавках аптек и специализированных магазинов появляется все больше средств, обещающих превратить русую The spit of fine hair in a shock is not worse than that of an average Indian woman. Of course, not all marketing promises printed on colorful packages of shampoos and balms are true. Most of these products contain active silicone compounds, which, after the first application, allow you to feel the glossy film on your hair. This is achieved through the action of silicone, enveloping the structure of the hair and occupying voids under the open flakes. However, silicone is quickly washed off the hair, leaving the hair damaged.
Often, increasing the thickness of the hair is an additional result of the impact of funds aimed at strengthening hair follicles. Due to the active component composition that activates the process of hair growth, an increase in the diameter of the hair is achieved.

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