How to increase the lips without injections

How to increase the lips without injections
Fashion for unnaturally bulky lips long behind, but moderately plump and juicy lips are still a welcome beauty dream of many women. Fortunately, to increase the lips at home is much cheaper and, of course, more pleasant than to experience cosmetology with injections.


Correct makeup

The lips will be more expressive and succulent, if properly applied. Dark colors of lipstick for this do not fit – they only visually narrow the volume of the lips. To give the splendor of this part of the face will require brilliance. Better – with microparticles, 3-D effect or mint extracts. Reflective particles due to lighting can visually increase the size of the lips. Mint components in the lip glosses act differently – they stimulate the surface of the skin, creating a flow of blood. As a result, the lips swell and slightly increase in volume.

For an increasing make-up of your lips you will need a pencil that is as close as possible to the color with a natural tone of the skin of your lips. You can pick up a tandem from a lipstick nude shade with a similar pencil.

Before applying makeup, the skin of the lips should be powdered. By the way, if there was no powder at hand, neutral beige shades or light rouge will cope with this task. The contour of the lips is permissible to lead out slightly above the natural line of the lips and carefully shade the voids. Then completely cover with gloss lip.

Spa procedures for the lips

Make the lips ripe and juicy allowing easy peeling. For this you can use both factory and folk remedies.

When choosing a lip peeling, you should give preference to products that contain cinnamon, mint and menthol. In addition, the scrub can be done without leaving the kitchen. To do this, a little sugar should be mixed with half a teaspoon of liquid honey. The resulting gruel gently rub your lips and let it soak for a minute.

To give a seductive volume to the lips for a few hours will allow ginger. To do this, a small piece of 1-1,5 cm ginger root should be grated on a fine grater and gently rubbed into the skin of the lips. It is important to use not the gruel, but the juice itself. It is important to avoid contact with the skin, because its components can cause irritation. To rub the juice of ginger is necessary for a minute, after which to wash off the lips with the remaining liquid.

Another important recipe-habit for those wishing to increase the volume will suit those who carefully watches not only the shape, but also the state of the lips. So, every morning for 1,5-2 minutes it is necessary to rub the skin of the lips with a toothbrush dipped in water. For this procedure, you need a separate brush with a soft bristle, which is not used for cleaning teeth or other purposes. Ideal option – children's toothbrushes, which have a small diameter and ultra soft bristles. The technique of rubbing should be very soft, without pressure and effort. This process simultaneously scrubs the skin of the lips and provides blood flow, thereby achieving a significant increase in volume. After rubbing, a balm is applied to the lips.


Increase the volume of the lips for a longer time than a couple of hours, allows regular performance of simple exercises. If you perform them regularly, then the visible effect will begin to manifest itself after a month.

  • Sponges with a dent. Nabivshee clamorous cliches of modern girls "sponge dope" can help to increase the lips. To do this, you need to stretch your lips and fix in this position for a few minutes. After the lips should be raised to the maximum and fixed again for a while. It will be necessary to do 20 repetitions.
  • Retraction. The lips must be drawn inward to the teeth, and then quickly returned to their original position. In this exercise, the pace is important, you need to do it quickly. At the same time, you need to do at least 20-ty repetitions.
  • Blowing. Lips need to be rolled into a tube, strained and several times with a force to blow 20 times in a row.
  • The letter "O". It is necessary to open your mouth so that the lips form the letter "O". After you need to strain them for a few seconds and relax. Repetitions – at least 25-ti times.

The final stage of intensive training should be a relaxing massage of the skin of the lips with a cream or nutritious balm.

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