How to increase the growth of eyelashes at home

How to increase the growth of eyelashes at home
Every woman dreams about long, thick eyelashes, but, unfortunately, not all of nature has generously endowed with this remarkable ornament. If you want to make your eyes even brighter and more expressive, but can not achieve rapid growth of eyelashes, you can contact the beauty salon and undergo an expensive course of special restorative procedures. But do not rush to run to the make-up artist, you can achieve the same effect yourself.

You will need
  • – кисточка для ресниц;
  • – Nutritious oils;
  • – Remover for eye make-up.
Pay more attention to eye care and make-up removal. If you are washing off make-up with eyes with water and soap, be aware that this makes eyelashes brittle, and the skin is dry and thin. To take care of the beauty and strength of your natural eyelashes, use only special make-up remover based on oils and light cream. The best option is mousse or moisturizing milk. To remove waterproof mascara use two-phase products with oil and vitamins.

Regularly feed your eyelashes with special natural oils. Very beneficial effect on growth peach butter, apricot, avocado and jojoba. If the situation permits, apply fish-oil to the cilia. This mask perfectly nourishes them, has a powerful stimulating effect and enhances growth. Just do not get carried away with fish oil in the daytime or before a responsible exercise – even very well refined, it can retain some flavor.

A very good effect on the growth of eyelashes is massage. If your arsenal has mascara with a nice soft brush, wait until it's finished, clean the brush of its remnants and use it for massage and applying nutrients. Comb the cilia once a day before going to bed, periodically combining this process with the application of oil or a special cream for growth and recovery.

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