How to increase the breast size in 2018 year

How to increase the breast size in 2018 year
Girls sometimes are not too happy with their appearance. Owners of magnificent forms try to get rid of excess weight, and thin people dream to slightly increase their volumes.

If you want to enlarge your breasts at least one size, you can try using special creams. The composition of this cream includes the hormone estrogen, which affects the growth of the tissue of the mammary glands. The use of such drugs is not addictive, and the effect of their effects may persist for several months. Scientists have conducted studies, according to which it was found that after a week of applying this cream, the breast volume increases by half a centimeter, and after three weeks – by a centimeter.

The second method of breast augmentation is the use of tablets that affect the growth of the mammary glands. Their effects are exactly the same as the effects of creams. Breast enlargement occurs due to the special hormones that make up the drugs you take. However, if you decide to take hormone pills, remember that during their use, smoking is strictly contraindicated.

Some girls who want to increase their breasts by one size, use a mechanical method. You can purchase a special vacuum massager for the breasts, which consists of a cup for the chest and pump. If you even spend 15 minutes every day for a similar massage procedure, the volume of your breasts will increase. But only at the same time you have a risk of sagging the breast after stopping the use of a massage device.

The safest and most reliable way to increase the volume of the breast is stable training and physical exercises. If you can perform certain exercises two or three times a week, you can certainly increase the volume of your breasts by at least one size. In order to achieve the desired result, start performing push-ups from the floor (5 approaches with the maximum number of push-ups), as well as exercises with dumbbells, whose mass ranges from three to six kilograms. Carry out hand-overheads, doing three sets of 15 times.

In addition, some girls believe that breast enlargement can be done with the help of folk methods. One of them is the use of a tincture of hop cones, which is prepared as follows: take 1 a tablespoon of hop cones, pour a glass of boiling water and insist in a thermos 8 clock. Take this remedy three times a day before meals, drinking at a time half a cup of tincture. However, this method can easily cause a malfunction of the reproductive function, so be careful.

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