How to increase small eyes in 2018 year

How to increase small eyes in 2018 year
At all times, women have been courting eyesE and isolated their outlines. However, not all representatives of the fair sex nature endowed with large and expressive eyes. Owners of small eyes can increase them with the help of the correct make-up. To do this is quite simple, the main thing is to know some important secrets.

That small eyes visually seemed more, you need a white eyeliner to draw a line on the inner side of the lower eyelid. This technique significantly "opens" the view. In addition, it is necessary to "open" eyelashes. For this, before applying the carcass, you need to use special curling irons eyelashes. After applying the mascara, the risk of the eyelashes breaking down is high.

From using a dark pencil or eyeliner to women with small eyes it is better to refuse. They strongly outline the contours, so the eyes will seem even smaller.

Preference with make-up the eye is better to give to the shadows, which have tender copper, pink hues or brown colors. These tones differ from the natural color of the skin slightly, and therefore, do not create a visible contrast. Applying the shadows should be a thick layer, just entering the fold of the century. As a result, the eyes will appear deeper and expressive. Под бровь можно нанести немного white shadows and shade them. If you use shades of metallic shades, then it is better to apply lighter tones on the inner corner of the eye.

Ink for small eyes is better to use black or brown, but color mascara should be avoided. It is necessary to paint over lower eyelashes. To do this, it is best to keep the brush vertically and apply mascara with sliding movements from top to bottom.

A more expressive look will be given by the corrected form eyebrows. It is necessary to remove protruding hairs, and then fix the shape with a special gel and brush.

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